Ahhh! I entered in my SS# wrongly!

<p>I was reviewing my application today and I noticed that on part A I incorrectly entered my social security number. There is a 2 where there should be a 3. I entered it in correctly on part B. They both got submitted electronically. What should I do?</p>

<p>ASalient "fat fingers" One.
(even though I'm not fat!)</p>

<p>since the part B is supposed to verify part one, and in this case the two are different, i would actually call in. but meep. it's up to you. i'm pretty sure they won't even notice it. </p>

<p>when you get in (notice no "if" here), you can contact the "registrar" to fix it if they entered in wrong,
it shouldn't matter if you don't go to Penn, and it isn't a big deal towards decision</p>

<p>Thanks, boob. Do you have the number I can call them?</p>

<p>(and I'm not quite sure what you meant by the "notice no if." =p )</p>



<p>i suggested that you WILL get in. </p>

<p>number is (215) 898-7507. someone please verify. i got from front of "visitor's guide"</p>

<p>i think that you should call in. your SSN is the basis of a lot of their record keeping. i wouldnt risk it</p>

<p>Ha, thanks boob, I thought so but I wasn't sure!</p>

<p>Anyway, their office is currently closed. Should I fax? This all seems pretty common sense, but I don't want to risk anything.</p>

<p>yeah you should definitely sort this out...if there is any confusion it will cause all kinds of problems. I didn't have a SSN when I applied, and then when I started working and obtained one the registrar was completely unable to cope with the fact that there was one person with two numbers and decided to inactivate my id repeatedly, shut me out of penn in touch and blackboard, delete my sas address etc. it took a year and a half to sort out...<em>shudders at thought</em></p>

<p>I faxed them 3 times yesterday (i wasn't sure if it went through the first two times, but they'll probably think i'm psycho if it did!) and I'm going to call them on monday. Thanks lauraanne though!</p>

<p>the colleges won't actually look at your stuff until everything gets there(recs,transcript,ets board stuff,essay,misc ;-)).They definitely won't process it unless the information is a match. Most applications have more than one area where you enter your ss#. This is for both verification and for organization(when they take your ap apart and scan it). I'm not exactly sure how the electronically sent application works but i hope this helps.</p>