Ahhh I just got a likely letter!

<p>Or at least I think that's what it is haha. It says that they are " writing to let me know that I will be offered admission to Cornell"!! Ahh I'm so excited. I've been so scared about college decisions and I NEVER thought that I would get a likely. This has been like the best week of my life :)</p>

<p>congratulations aniram! :)</p>

<p>Aww thank you!</p>

<p>Did this come in the mail?</p>

<p>Yea I got a letter today</p>

<p>When was it dated? I live in NY, but somewhat far from Cornell. Congrats anyhow!</p>

<p>Umm I don't have it with me right now. Cuz I'm at the hair dressers lol. But I know it was within this last week. I think the 10th. I live like half an hour away from Cornell tho. So you would prob get one a few days later than me if they sent one.</p>

<p>mine was sent on the 11th and i live in boston, ma so 2 days (normal first class mail time)</p>

<p>Thanks for letting me know. This waiting game is terrible.</p>

<p>Yeaa, I know. Just be patient. Something good will come!</p>


<p>Are these by any chance the letters from the Society of Women Engineers mentioned on the other likely letter thread? Any males out there get one?</p>

<p>Ok I just got back and it looks like my letter was written yesterday ( it's dated 3/12) so yea there's still hope for people! And there isn't any mention of Society of Women Engineers so no, I dont think this has anything to do with the other thread. But they did invite me to a diversity housing program as well as Cornell Days.</p>

<p>Stats please?
I'm also a female applying for engineering.
And Congratulations!!!!</p>

I got a likely letter today too ...I applied to Cornell a long time ago -- so had not really thought about Cornell for a while having been accepted ED to MIT.</p>

<p>I am male...stats elsewhere on CC don't have time to search and repost.

<p>Since Cornell is an Ivy and doesn't offer merit...I am still waiting to see what all my schools cough up..my financial safeties included - -RPI came out today -- disappointing $$ results there too.</p>

<p>Decisions decisions-- money all part of this for me unfortunately-- dang, wish my family were rich...</p>

<p>i got one today for the society of women engineers</p>

<p>I got one too!! :D:D</p>

<p>Thanks everyone!
And about stats, I'm kinda too lazy to do the outline again haha but I have my stats on a couple of other threads if you're really interested. </p>

<p>That's interesting that Cornell is so interested in female engineers. I'm going pre-med, so that doesn't apply to me but congrats to everyone else!</p>

<p>^ Congratss! Are these likely letters only sent out to minorities though?</p>

<p>Wait, were the ones from Society of Women Engineers sent through the mail or email?</p>