Ahhh Rec Problem

<p>this past weekend i visited another school, and the admissions director there told me that i'd need another rec besides one from my history teacher and my journalism teacher, because APPARENTLY journalism doesn't count as a core academic class (even though i've had the teacher for 3 yrs and i'm editor of the paper). i called penn to ask if this was true for them too and they said i need another one!!! </p>

<p>am i completely screwed if i ask another teacher to write and send one in asap???</p>

<p>well isn't that what they just told u to do? that sucks...does it specify the teachers have to have taught u CORE classes? then maybe i'm screwed too....</p>

<p>it doesn't specify on the app, it just says to find teachers from academic classes in grades 11-12, especially if theyre teachers in areas of continuing interest... or something like that. i guess i need to ask a new teacher to get one in asap... or is it too late???</p>

<p>Ask a teacher who you're right with, is't possible?</p>

<p>you can still keep your journalim teacher...and that recommendation might be the strongest that you get...it doesnt change anything....just find another rec from a core academic class to send</p>