Ahhh someone help me, orientation registration has closed! :(

<p>Is there no way for me to sign up now???! I was planning on doing it today but it says they’re all closed!!</p>

<p>You’ll have to wait until Pass 2 to sign up for classes. Check your appointment time on Sisweb to see when your Pass 2 registration date and time is.</p>

<p>My Pass 1 is in August but my Pass 2 is in September. Can I still go to Pass 1? And do I have to register for my classes by going to Davis or can I just do it online?</p>

<p>Oh, I didn’t know you didn’t have orientation yet–usually for incoming transfers and I believe freshmen, their Pass 1 registration date is the same day that they’ve signed up for orientation. If your Pass 1 is in August, that’s when you register. You cannot register for classes until your Pass 1 date and time.</p>

<p>You do it all online by going to sisweb.ucdavis.edu.</p>

<p>They just added more seats for some of the orientations this morning so you might be able to sign up still! Check on their website. Hope it works out.</p>

<p>Each orientation, they’ll open up more spots in classes typically taken by freshman. It comes down to your spot in the lineup the day you register for classes (it’s randomly assigned.)</p>