AHHHH I think I screwed myself for the DBQ on WHAP

<p>For all who took the AP World History exam, for the DBQ I did something like this in the intro.</p>

<p>The -------* was a competition for ---------------. In these competitions, athletes competed against each other and yelled "THIS IS SPARTAAA". These (event) took place first in Athens, not Sparta. They were founded again as a way for nations to prove their greatness.</p>

<p>*Some things were left blank and I changed a few words around so that people who didn't take the exam won't know what the topic is. I don't want to take any chances with ETS contacting me and cancelling my scores lol.</p>

<p>Anyway, I finished my DBQ and forgot to cross out the "THIS IS SPARTA" and "not Sparta" part of my intro. While I believe the rest of my 6.5 page essay was very good, I'm worried that the grader will get a bad impression in the intro and will affect my grade.</p>

<p>Any thoughts?</p>

<p>They ignore mistakes or stuff like that. They might interpret it as a humorous grabber. IF you have detailed 6.5 pages of DBQ, I doubt you will lose points for that.</p>


<p>You are the man!</p>

<p>Hopefully the grader isn't a Persian, that would definately alter your score dramatically.</p>

<p>Ugh, I still don't understand why people are tempted to write "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" on their essays. I had several people tell me that that was all they wrote on their essays. It just doesn't make sense.</p>

<p>@CollegeAddiction: Yeah I think I have a solid 6.5 pages for the DBQ with details.
I included 3 additional documents that could have been used and 3 groupings.</p>

<p>OH also another question:
At the end of the comparitive essay, (which I had to make up completely, not one thing I said was true hahaha) I wrote a letter saying something like
"Dear AP Grader,
I would really like a 9 on this essay because I want blah blah blah blah (forgot what else I wrote)"
Then crossed this out.
This won't affect me will it?</p>

<p>lol no. I doubt it will. Im so glad I owned the comparitive essay, because I included revolutionists like Morelos, HIdalgo, Bolivar, and then I talked about Balkan Crisis and Greek War of Independence. I think i beasted it :). Same with change and continuity, I talked about the Srvijaiyan empire and Vijaynagrian EMpire and listed at least 2 ports from each area. Self Studying= more facts! But DBQ I was a little iffy on.</p>