Ahhhhh Chanceees?

<p>Ok so I visited GT and instantly fell in love so here are the basics:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.7UW, 4.0W
ACT: 30 composite but retaking next weekend Math=28, English=29 have done some test prep
School: High school is top 50 Catholic schools in America so competitive in TN
AP: 4 total after senior year but school only offers a very limited number
Rank: school doesnt rank
ECs: NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, TN Boy's State, All-Region basketball, All-District baseball, French club, over 100 service hours in 4 years, etc...</p>

<p>Couple of questions: Im sending my app before Nov 1 but do i just send my new ACT score when i take the test so they get it in time? The whole crime issue? Does GT not look at the ACT composite?</p>

<p>looks like slight reach.</p>

<p>GT takes your ACT and converts the composite into a total SAT score..they also convert Math and English ACT to Math and Critical Reading SAT...they have a weird system..though it holds validity...basically they want one single number to use to be able to compare their incoming pool of applicants...i would say its a slight reach...mainly because your out of state..and your competing with a smaller pool.</p>

<p>GT does not convert your composite ACT score. They take component parts.</p>

<p>Burdell is right. they record all of your subsection scores..but do not report using science or reading? so it seems as if they dont even consider it? though i wouldnt blow off either of the two..because they MIGHT take it into consideration when comparing two similiar applicants</p>

<p>They take your ACT Math ACT English and ACT English/Writing</p>

<p>If possible..take that ACT again..and improve math significantly...try getting in the 30s minimum...preferably a 32+</p>

<p>concordance table for the University System of Georgia (for converting ACT to SAT):
Academic</a> Affairs Handbook Concordance Tables for ACT and SAT Scores</p>