Aid Award Letter

<p>Didn't find any information on this in my own research, but...</p>

<p>I was wondering if anyone who has recieved an acceptance from Hendrix has recieved their financial aid reward with their acceptance letter or if it was delayed. I just recieved my acceptance today, and I was expecting financial aid, but either I didn't recieve any or it wasn't included. My stats are good (3.81 UW at top Florida private / 2180 SAT / Strong ECs), but maybe I'm overestimating the amount of students Hendrix gives aid to. I'm especially worried given that I applied after the priority deadline of February 1st, but I was still expecting something. If anyone has any information that'd be great, and congratulations to anyone who has recieved an invitation to join the Class of 2014!</p>

<p>I think the aid letter will arrive in a week or so. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks for the clarification</p>

<p>0987654321a is right, i got my aid info like 1-2 weeks after the initial acceptance letter.</p>

<p>ps we have similar stats, and i got a hefty merit aid offer. I wouldn't be surprised if you got something similar... just be patient :)</p>

<p>So, how did you do? I assume you got your aid letter by now. The joke at our house is that there musy be a problem with the mail if she doen't get another lettter from Hendrix. Thanks to the gererous aid, Hendrix is #1 on the list right now. Still waiting for some others.</p>

<p>Hendrix is first on my list too, also because the aid is so generous. It'd be crazy to turn it down, they're about $7k/year above the next best school (which isn't as strong academically and doesn't offer the program I want).</p>

<p>I got 20k, but that is without the early filer's grant (didn't know if I was applying until late February), and that was after the deadline for priority aid. If I had applied before February 1st and filed my FAFSA for them then I would assume I would have been at 25k or so, but I'm still incredibly happy with the package and I'm going to have to go visit the school as the aid package is at the top of all my schools.</p>

<p>I have a similiar problem. I don't want to hi-jack this thread, but please help me. I submitted the fafsa before the feb 15 deadline, but I made corrections and re-submitted on april 16. Is this too late? Also, my fafsa got selected for verification. Will I have to send in documents confirming my fafsa before receiving the financial aid? Or will they give me the financial aid letter and ask for verification later? I already got my merit-aid on April 14 if that matters.</p>

<p>No, its not too late. My D was submitting additional stuff and sending in corrections as late as last week. As to verification, it depends on the school. For most, you'll get a "tentative" aid letter which will be confirmed once you provide what ever verification they request. Some, though ( I'm thinking of Goucher and Centre)are more hard nosed about it and will not send out ANY letter until through verification. As my 2009 taxes would not be completed before May 1, this was a deal breaker. Goucher eventually gave a tentative aid award based on my 2008 tax return, but the package was the worst of the 11 my D got, by $9000, so I am guessing D was penalized for me not filing taxes early.</p>