Aid/scholarships/grants etc etc

<p>i'm an OOS interested in UMD, and of course OOS tuition is much higher so i am looking for ways to bring the cost down. i have pretty high stats and good EC's etc etc so getting in really won't be that big of a deal. so i was wondering if and how easy UMD gave out money in some sort of form for merit or high grades etc etc.<br>
also is there some part of my app i should elaborate, which might lead them to give me more money.
thanks, any other info would be great</p>

<p>UMd does offer great merit awards, from partial tuition to a full ride, but it's very competitive. </p>

<p>University</a> of Maryland - Scholarships</p>

<p>When you say "pretty high stats", do you mean 1500+ SAT(UMd currently does not consider the writing section), lots of AP/IB courses and ALL A's on your transcript? If so, then you have a shot at the Banneker/Key Scholarship.</p>

<p>I stalked and looked at your other posts. Unfortunately, your SATs do not put you in the running for Banneker Key (plumazul is correct that 1500+ for M + W is the norm). You may qualify for other smaller scholarships, but it still means a hefty tuition bill every semester.</p>

<p>Most people on this forum are under the impression that scores are all that matter for the BK scholarship.
I've personally only met one BK student with greater than a 1500.
It focuses on so much more than that. Of course your grades also have to be very high with the most challenging courses at your school. (My school offered almost no AP's, and did not have an IB program)</p>

<p>The interviewers and other people associated with the scholarship said that it isn't numbers driven, however the scholarships are only offered to honors students (the honors program is more numbers driven)
They're looking for students who are fully formed people (not students, people) who will make a contribution to the school. If your accomplishments reflect you, and who you are, and you're good at what you do that's more important than a perfect SAT score.
At the interviews and other BK gatherings, plus other honors classes, I've met both the type of person who had zero social skills, zero personality, and had only accomplishments that the stereotypical over achieving kid was supposed to have, and the type of person who is smart, does well in classes, but probably doesn't dedicate all their time to it. They've got decent SAT scores (1400 or higher usually) They've got amazing personalities and know exactly who they are and how to relate to people.
When it's revealed whether they got the full or partial reward (determined by the interview) the latter kid almost always got the full ride, where the former kid had either the partial award or no BK scholarship at all.</p>

<p>It also seems like they're more impressed with people who had to go out of their way to do something. Ex. people with very impressive internships that their parents got them where not awarded the same money as someone who did something not as impressive that was not something their school offered or not something handed to them was looked upon better.</p>

<p>I knew a kid with something like a 1550 on the 1600 scale (it was a 2300 on the 2400 scale) who had some of the most amazing ECs (national recognition and awards in music, academics, etc) and straight As in the toughest classes possible and he wasn't given Banneker Key. It's really unpredictable.</p>

<p>As for me, I'm instate, Scholars, with a 1400 on the 1600 scale and received 4.5k for two years.</p>

<p>PS - I don't know your stats or what state you're from, but getting into UMD is far from a sure thing, even for the instate kids. Plenty of kids from my school had a nasty surprise when they got rejection letters this year. If you're from a typically overrepresented state like NJ or NY, it's even harder.</p>

<p>Yeah dude the BK scholarships are pretty random but you gotta be in a certain range but after that anything could happen.</p>

<p>My son received full BK. His SAT's were 1450. gpa 4.4. Great EC's, captain of several sports teams, 2 engineering/medical internships that he got on his own. During his interview, the question that he felt was most important was "how do you see yourself contributing to UM in the next year?" And he answered that he saw himself doing the same things he was doing in HS...working on projects to support the troops, being involved in intermurals and working very hard in school. Although he ended up NOT being in the top 5% of his class....probably top 6%, he received the full BK where several other students in his class who had better numbers received partial. Or other, smaller scholarships. Point is not entirely numbers driven. And the interview played a large part in the decision.</p>

<p>My son had a 1550 SAT, but weaker ECs and did not even get an interview for BK. Who knows what they use as criteria. My son did receive a very nice Presidential (8k) and a departmental scholarship. Just do the best you can. You can't predict what they will give you.</p>

<p>If you want to know my stats to give me a better idea of what to expect:
4.03 GPA, 1400(current SAT- expecting to raise), worked in a lab at one of Harvard's hospital, currently working in a lab at National institute of health(NIH), club team basketball, some mission/service trips, a good amount of service, youth group, appointed leader of service/volunteering of my youth group. there's more, but those are just the basics</p>

<p>also, apparently to be considering for any merit scholarships, you have to apply by nov 1????
please elaborate</p>

<p>^ Yes, if you want to be considered for any scholarships or for Honors, you must apply by the Priority date, November 1st.</p>

<p>So would they then ask you if i want to apply for any scholarships? or honors? or would i have to do that independent from them prompting me to do so?</p>

<p>Consideration for the Honors College or Scholars and any merit $ is automatic. They use your application for everything. Good luck ...</p>