AIM Chatroom

<p>Nevermind, we're organizing an IRC chat.</p>

<p>Let this thread DIEEEEEE!</p>

<p>Could we do IRC chat instead?</p>

<p>(It would be more inclusive as you don't need AIM, just a browser...)</p>


<p>Can you recommend a network?</p>

<p></a> Webchat client</p>

<p>IRC: Mibbit [webirc]
Nick: choose your own nickname
Channel: sat_scores</p>

<p>Or we could go with something else if you so want...</p>

<p>I haven't used aim in years but how do I join a chatroom?</p>

<p>Just click on the link I posted and its self-explanatory from there. Remember the channel is sat_scores</p>

<p>freenode</a> Web IRC (qwebirc)</p>

<p>^that is also good.</p>