AIME and Mensa and IQ test

<p>Just wondering whether cornell cares about AMC/AIME?
i scored 120 on AMC 9/15 on the AIME which did not qualify me for USAMO but is considered really good i top colleges engineering(like cornell, CMU)care?? do adcoms even know what AIME is? if so, should i put it under academic honors?</p>

<p>Does being a member in MENSA make a difference?? Mensa means top 2 percentile of intelligence...i just checked mensa, and i know i m eligible becoz i scored 150 on my IQ test scale (the cut is 130)... if not..should I at least submit an IQ test report?</p>


<p>I think submitting an IQ test report looks bigheaded.
Most likely almost everyone at top universities has an IQ above 130.</p>

<p>i would think a 9 on the AIME would be a great plus no matter where you it's also significantly better than your AMC score</p>

<p>i can never do well in AMCs... i find AIME much easier...i left that AIME an hour early..coz i thought i didnt hv a chance for USAMO...but still scored a 9...while AMC i tried so hard and only got 120...(bunches of careless mistakes)</p>

<p>anyway..i know it's a plus scoring 9 on AIME..but do adcoms generally know AIME is, and know that not many people score 8+?? does it make a big impact in admissions? specifically for engineering school?</p>

<p>and more i list it under the academic honors unexplained and just let them figure?</p>

<p>Supposedly the average college graduate has an IQ of 120...I think that's a crock of you-know-what, but that's just me.</p>

<p>i m more interested in the AIME question now</p>

<p>i wanna know too..pls..someone answer the AIME question</p>

<p>i'm pretty sure any top school would/should know what AIME is, and its level of difficulty. I know schools like harv, princeton, CIT, MIT definitely acknowledge it</p>

<p>but do i just put it under academic honors and let them figure themselves..or do i hv to explain</p>

<p>I put my all of my AMC 12/ AIME scores under awards section.</p>

<p>Yes, colleges will know what the AIME is, and that 9 is an incredible score.</p>

<p>Leave out the IQ stuff, unless you happen to be an active MEMBER of Mensa. In that case, you can list it among your clubs and organizations, and detail list any leadership stuff you did within Mensa. </p>

<p>The AIME and AMC scores ARE something to include- great scores! :)</p>

<p>I agree with Rellielou. Everyone seems to regard Mensa as a "prestige-whore" organization that people just join for the title. But if you're active within it in the same way you'd be active in a school organization, I don't see why it shouldn't go on your list of EC's.</p>