<p>I took the AMC many times before my junior year and didn't take it very seriously because I didn't know it could be so important. I failed to qualify for the AIME.
This year, I realized how important it is and actually prepared for it, only to find out that we can't use calculators anymore. So I didn't qualify
bottom line: I took the AMC many times and qualified for the AIME 0 times. Is that going to look bad when I apply for MIT?</p>

<p>no, many people who apply to MIT and eventually get in havent even heard of the AMC</p>

<p>Just don't tell them that you ever took the exam.</p>

<p>Uh, yeah, I'd never heard of the AMC or AIME until I applied to MIT, and I still managed to get in EA. You'll be ok.</p>

<p>wat about me?
i took in sohp(only one to take in my school) and got recognition award thing
for being soph and having over 90</p>

<p>dis yr i didn't imporve at all
but im getting award for being 1st cuz some ppl took them other than me</p>

<p>wat should i do.... cuz they'll know i didnt improve at all
it wouldnt hurt right??hopefully????</p>

<p>What are AMC and AIME?</p>