Aiming for top undergraduate business programmes..

<p>Hey people hope you guys can help me out here, i'm aiming for the top undergraduate business courses.</p>

<p>Here are my stats..
I'm from Indonesia, but am a German citizen coz i was born there.
Effectively quad-lingual. Take Chinese and English courses in school, speak Indonesian at home. Took German for my SATII.</p>

<p>School system: studying under the British A Level system
Course Load: taking English, Economics, Math and History
Class rank: Not available. But school is top ranked nationally, students are within the top 5% of the national level.
Grades: I haven't taken the A Level exams yet, teachers predicting As for all my subjects though. Already took the Chinese exam and got an A.
For my O Level (10th Grade) exams, I had 8As and 1B</p>

<p>SAT Verbal: 760
SAT Math: 710
SATII Writing: 730
SATII German: 770
SATII Math IC: 760
SATII Math IIC: 720 </p>

I'm no jack of all trades, spent almost all my time training martial arts competitively.
I also breakdance in my free time, and performed in 2 public performances this year.</p>

Won the national championships with my school team twice, placed 3rd twice.
Won gold individually twice, this year and last year, in a competition which saw competitors from around 10 countries taking part.
Obtained medals in various other competitions</p>

<p>Leadership positions:
Chairman of my tutorial class
Manager for my school's junior team</p>

<p>Volunteer work/Internships:
Almost none. Kinda too caught up with studying and training.</p>

<p>I am set on doing business for my undergrad degree. Here are the Us i'm applying to:
Dream schools: NYU, Upenn, Berkeley,
Safeties: Purdue, Boston U, Umich
Also considering: Carnegie Mellon, University of Virginia</p>

<p>So what do guys think? Do i stand a chance?
And also I foolishly took both MathI and MathII, so will that be a disadvantage for me? especially since my MathII score was quite low.
Thank you very much for your thoughts and your time, I greatly appreciate them.</p>

<p>I would say you have a very realistic chance at all the schools except for Penn. Penn is still realistic, but it is a reach for almost any applicant. </p>

<p>You have a great list. Penn, Michigan and Cal-Berkeley (in that order) are three of the top 4 Business programs in the country. MIT is up there too, You should look into MIT too. Forget about BU and Purdue. Indiana is a better safety.</p>

MIT (Sloan)
Penn (Wharton)</p>

Cal-Berkeley (Haas)
Michigan-Ann Arbor (Ross)
New York University (Stern)
UVA (McIntire)</p>


<p>y is it foolish to take both sat 2s for math 1c and 2c, im registered for the 2c and took the 1c. now im hestiant lol ty</p>

<p>to ijm8710:
I heard that there is no point in taking both, if you take the IIC it sort of nulifies ur IC course. but then again i'm not too sure, so i'd appreciate anyone with more info on that.</p>

<p>bump... help me out ppl..thanks.</p>