Air Force/Army game

<p>Anyone attend oir watch this weekend? What a game! My throat was hoarse but what fun to sit with the Airforce folks behind the endzone. That fumble recovery runner (not sure who it was) was headed right for us and everyone was yelling: “Come Home, come home!!!”. What an incredible event!</p>

<p>I was at the game as well, sitting with the AFA Parents Asso, about 12 rows up from the Army mule team. And yes, it was an incredible game. The parachute team delivering the game ball to the 50 year line is awesome to watch.</p>

<p>I was there with my 2 buds! On the second touchdown, the 1st four people (all freshmen) to jump down on the field to start push-ups were us. :) The MP's got very angry. Then, we made sure to do it again with even more people. We had a fun time making them mad, they gave up lol. AMAZING game tho. I lost my voice very quickly. and got to be on ESPN! yay!</p>

<p>How'd you like that WP cadet with the pompom in his cap that got laid out by one of our male cheerleaders? We all laughed profusely as he was owned. :)</p>

<p>I can't believe how close they actually came to living up to the quarterback's pregame scoring predictions. On that first Army drive I said, "Here we go again," after watching how it went during the BYU game, but then they really turned it around and turned the game into an awesome rout.</p>

<p>Go Air Force! Beat Army!</p>

<p>Yes and I love what Shaun Carney later said (when asked about his prediction): 'Well, what can I say, i can't lie if I'm in the Air Force!'</p>

<p>And the cheerleader tackle was a riot! For those wondering, WP tried a "spirit" mission to steal the huge AFA flag but the (male) cheerleader flat out tackled the plebe so that AF won on both the field AND the sideline!</p>

<p>Apparently, AF is no longer allowed to let the falcon's fly because they've been trained to land on the back of the Army's mascot -- right where the "A" is!! LOL.</p>

<p>yeah, we got are asses kicked and it sucked but you have one cocky qb who likes to talk trash. he should think about who he represents when he say he want to "run up the score on army" or losing to "army last year was embarassing."</p>

<p>Relax, man. It's football. Having your team lose is embarassing and having them run up a score on someone pumps you up no matter who you are. It's inter-service's supposed to get ugly.</p>

<p>That was one fun game to watch though. Sadly, I didn't get to go to West Point cause I would have had to pay my own way and wasn't willing to spend the cash. However, no joke, every time I left the room to go get some water or something, I would hear a massive shout and cheering and run back to find that AF had scored happened more than twice.</p>

<p>Now let's hope we don't get destroyed by Notre Dame...</p>

<p>Guy and others who watched on television: -- heard that the TV coverage did a nice job on the Academies and their cadets. Was that your impression?</p>

<p>It cracked me up when ESPN was interviewing the Wing Commander from AFA. <sarcasm>It's good to know he goes to Country Club U because he wouldn't survive at a Military Academy.</sarcasm> No military bearing whatsoever!</p>

<p>Really? Even AF cheerleaders were able to handle WP's finest that day <sarcasm></sarcasm></p>

but you have one cocky qb who likes to talk trash.


<p>Shaun Carney used to talk about how losing to Navy was embarrassing too, but he's getting used to it now. He told Paul Johnson when he was a HS senior, he wouldn’t even think about going to Navy, because they would never beat AF while he was there. Carney is 0-3 against Navy so far.</p>

<p>No offense to anyone, but why are yall even discussing this? Show some more maturity and ignore immature comments and quit whining or trying to one up each other. It's flat out embarassing.</p>

<p>hahahaha...the things you boys get riled about. :)</p>

<p>hahahaha...the things you boys get riled about. :)</p>

<p>Now I feel silly because I'm technologically challenged and posted that twice. ;)</p>

<p>Hey, I double posted few times as well -- can't figure out why that happens. </p>

<p>Relax, Hornetguy, just didn't want that post to go unchallenged. Agree though, no need to keep going with that theme.</p>


<p>In response to your question, (a bit late, I know) I thought the portrayal was pretty fair...showed both acadmies fairly well, although I thought they gave West Point a bit more focus than us.</p>