Air Force Officer

<p>Hi, I was wondering if 4 years as an Air Force Officer would be considered good enough work experience for business school? </p>

<p>Would they mind if the job wasn't really business based but still had lots of leadership roles?</p>

<p>4 years with a lot of leadership would be fine.</p>

<p>I've seen resumes of people who spent 4 years working as officers who moved on to positions in i-banking</p>

<p>My roommate/classmate at Anderson was an officer in the U.S. Army for 5 years and had no problem getting in to great MBA programs and got a summer internship at Goldman Sachs this summer. The banks were breaking down his door trying to get him to accept their offers.</p>

<p>Wow thanks for the info guys!</p>

<p>my tour guide at harvard business school had spent something like 6-8 years in the air force after college.</p>