air pollution in New Haven?

<p>Does anyone know what the air quality is like in New Haven, I supposed compared to other places such as NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, etc.</p>

<p>While New Haven is a smaller city and away from the larger cities, I understand that pollution from the large cities spreads throughout the area, and, New Haven is in the general direction of typical air flow (west to east) from NYC eastward.</p>


<p>Try this for New Haven (zip 06511) and Princeton (zip 08544)</p>

<p>AIRNow</a> - Homepage</p>

<p>Much better than where I come from that's for sure.</p>

<p>Yale's ZIP is 06520, isn't it?</p>

<p>The air is good for an urbanized East Coast environment, but terrible on the absolute scale of quality.</p>

<p>Yale's zip is 06520 but the physical PO zip is 06511 -- which is the one that the cited search engine could use. 06520 didn't register.</p>