Airforce academy cadet chances of getting to medical schools, since 2016

My son is attending the Airforce academy . he wants to go to medical school. has anyone been accepted to medical school recently . How many people do they send , do they get time to study for MCAT

Going to a service academy is not a great place to start if medical school is your goal. There are between 5 and 15 from each class who usually go to med school. Most of those go to USUHS:
The competition is very difficult to get a slot, and it is on the cadet/mid to find time to study for the MCAT and to apply and interview to medical schools. You must be admitted to medical school before graduation in order to get the educational delay after commissioning. It is also harder for academy grads to be accepted to these medical schools as their GPA is generally lower than regular schools, although some schools do take that into account. If your son is at USAFA there are lots of people, who he can talk to there who will steer him in the right direction. Most successful med students from the academies are working with a mentor there from freshman year on to set themselves up for success.