Airforce academy cadet leaving during basic training

What are the obligation of cadet if he /she leaves Academy during basic training?

There is no service or financial obligation at a service academy until the cadet starts his/her third year of classes. That means that they could go for two years free and walk away with no obligation.

However, quitting during BCT is really something to be discouraged. First, it is a time of very high stress and decisions can be made under duress that one may come to regret later. If you made it through the application process, then you have what it takes to make it through BCT and the Academy. Also, it is quite late in the year to be trying to find another school to attend this Fall. Get through basic and start the school year. If the desire to leave is still there after the first semester, then make plans accordingly.

Bottom line - It is not a good idea to leave during BCT since it closes a lot of doors and you may regret it.

I’ll add, especially in the first week or two. I’m not sure when Air Force started. USNA Plebe Summer will be two weeks on Thursday.

Stick with it! Don’t be a quitter and discourage your child from doing it. You will quit when class gets hard, dropping a class. You will quit when the job gets hard, this is a pattern you will continue into your adult profession. Stick with it! Truth is, most want to quit Beast because it is meant to be hard. But some actually enjoy it. Take the middle ground and stick it out! Don’t be a quitter. You have 2 years to decide and transfer if service is not for you after all.

Absolutely disagree with @TroopDad, that is so ridiculous to continue doing something you hate doing, In the end you will be very unhappy with your job and life. I have quit many things and once I found something I truly liked, I was very good at it, and it paid off. Clearly you were accepted into the academy so your not a person who doesn’t follow through. Leave the academy if you really feel its not for you before you end up 8 years down the road regretting it, now having said that, don’t make a rash decision either. You really can leave at anytime up until your junior year.