Airline Deal St. Louis Art Weekend

<p>Any parent wanting to go to St. Louis from NYC or San Antonio via American Airlines? NetSAAvers has R/T weekend getaway fare for $199! Also $99 from Chicago! Purchase ASAP before fare is gone. I noticed this since I've been trying to get a reasonable fare from LA to accompany my daughter!</p>

<p>Hope this helps someone!!</p>

<p>Yups, AA tends to have cheapest fares from NY (LGA) to St. Louis...but be careful...there was just a story on the news about AA grounding a number of their planes due to electrical problems.....</p>

<p>Never had problems with AA (the only grounded airplanes are MD80s), and it has a good student fare with student ID.</p>

<p>newhere: Not sure where you are located, but the only planes that AA flies from LGA to STL are MD80's....the only reason I know this is b/c we actually travelled further to LGA to fly to St. Louis in the fall...Continental, at the time, was using "puddle jumpers" from Newark.....Nevertheless, it looks as if this grounding is only temporary....Yes, great fares!!</p>

<p>My S is flying AA from LAX to St. L tomorrow (arranged by WashU) for scholarship interview weekend. Do you know which flights have been cancelled tmi? Oh my!</p>

<p>madbean: No, but you may want to call AA...Congrats by the way! Mylonas Scholarship???</p>