<p>Do any airlines have direct flights from either Newark, NYC or Philadelphia airports? What airline do most of you use that fly out of these airports? When my daughter visited over Labor Day weekend she flew Delta and had to change planes in Atlanta. She said it wasn’t a big deal but just curious if there are any direct flights. </p>



<p>Delta has a once daily nonstop flight to/from LaGuardia and US Airways has nonstop flights to Philadelphia. However, these flights may not coincide with UA's airport shuttles and could be more expensive, sometimes much more expensive, than connecting or direct (same flight number, but with a stop and sometimes a change of aircraft) flights.</p>

<p>US Airways has one nonstop flight to Philly. However I refuse to fly them anymore after they screwed lil bro on back to back trips by canceling his flight.</p>

<p>Southwest and Delta are your best bets with Southwest getting the nod because of their no change or cancel fees as well as their free bags.</p>

<p>I agree with NJBama, Don't fly US Airways or United. They did the same thing to my husband and son last January. They missed the Auburn tour (not that it mattered) because their flight was cancelled and they had to re-book out of Milwaukee. </p>

<p>NJBama, I contacted American Express because we charged their trip through Amex. They went to bat for us and we received a full credit for the cancelled flights. Try contacting the credit card company that you charged the flights on and see if they can get your money back. It's worth a try.</p>

<p>I have a question. If you book early, when rates are first released for Southwest, can you change a flight when you find out the exam schedule? And if this is what you do, does Southwest charge a fee for it? We always book our family vacation flights as early as possible, but I am wondering if you can do that for a college student. And can anyone tell me how far in advance students know their December exam schedule?</p>

<p>Southwest does not charge a change fee, but will charge the difference in airfare if the new flight is more expensive.</p>

<p>Students will be able to know their exam schedule as soon as they know which class sections they are taking. Of course, some classes do not have final exams, so a student may be able to leave campus earlier than originally planned.</p>

<p>Southwest all the way. After The Tornado: </p>

<p>American were "w"itches - change fee (more than original ticket cost + new price = $450 + the original ticket. </p>

<p>Southwest = no change fee, and due to the situation kept price at original ticket cost = $0 and :):):)</p>

<p>Just switched Christmas ticket (new destination) and found their prices still hadn't JUMPED to an outrageous amount so switch was less than $50 with NO change fees.</p>