Airport Shuttle

<p>Freshman daughter flew back to Raleigh, NC last Tuesday. Unfortunately, her flight was delayed and, this delay blew up her schedule as far as the shuttle (prearranged thru Elon website) ride back to campus. Fortunately, a mutual friend with a car was on the same flight. It was uncertain if there would be room on the last shuttle of the evening ( many hours later) for her to catch a ride. How have others managed this? I suppose a taxi would be in my would reach deep into the pockets for travel allowance. Does anyone know the cost of a taxi from Raleigh to Elon?</p>

<p>Your D should check out the Elon ride share board. Lots of kids are driving back and forth from RDU over break. My S had the same problem last year with a delayed flight. I contacted a taxi company, but the cost was prohibitive. Sorry I don’t remember the exact amount, just that it was a lot!</p>

<p>Before my S had a car at school, he would always wear an Elon shirt or hoodie when he flew. Then he would seek out other Elon students on his flight or in the airport, and ask for a lift back to campus. He was always able to connect with someone, and he much preferred to do this than have to worry about the timing of flight and shuttle. (And, he couldn’t be bothered to work the rideshare board.). Once he developed a network of upperclass friends, he would find rides to the airport instead of signing up for the shuttle. Now that he has a car, he often provides rides to or from the airport for friends. Don’t worry, your D won’t need to depend on the shuttle for long! </p>

<p>I can tell you that a taxi from Greensboro to Elon is $60 from the taxi company in Burlington- i would estimate that to Raleigh it would be closer to $100</p>

<p>you should also be aware of the Amtrak schedule that goes from Raleigh to Burlington only $7 - have to catch the trains right though </p>

<p>$90 from Raleigh to Elon. Wear an Elon shirt because kids are always trying to find kids to share…</p>