<p>What is the best way for students to get from the campus to the airport?</p>

<p>Tulane</a> University - Airport Shuttle</p>

<p>See above link. Of course you may call a friend to drive or a taxi to get there too. Good luck.</p>

<p>If it's right before school break, there will most likely be other students at the cab stand. My son often gets to share the cab with one or more kids to reduce the cost.</p>

<p>Usually around breaks there are tons of students headed to the airport. There is a facebook group where people with similar flights can contact each other about sharing and most likely if you are heading back from the airport to campus, there will be other students too. Last year I was about to get in a cab and then another the guy in charge told me there was another person going to Tulane and let me go with them. I know people who have had major issues with the airport shuttle, either taking hours to get to campus or one driver actually didn't know where Tulane was and took them to the downtown Medical campus....</p>