AirTranU ~ Has anyone used this?

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<p>AirTranU - students and nonstudents age 18-22 can fly standby for $49, $69, or $99 per segment. Has anyone used this? Looks like it might be best for people flying to and from their hub Atlanta.</p>

<p>My kids used to use it frequently, but back then they didnt get airtran points credits for the flight if they used airtran U (they do now offer the points towards a free flight). Also, the price is “per segment” so if you have to change planes you pay it twice, adn it is standby only, so you have to hope the flights arent full. It was often almost cheaper (or, really, not much more) to book a seat and not worry about waiting and waiting. There are blachout periods (like after Dec 15) so read the small print.</p>