AIS steps reversed.

<p>I am in the process of applying, everything I sent was finally reviewed by the admissions office, and I was finally at the 4th step that said "communicate admissions descison." I signed back on to AIS about 2 hours later, and it says i'm at step 2 again. What does this mean?</p>

<p>I think this happened the first time I applied. For me, it meant that I was rejected and then they tried to fit me into General Studies. I think I recall the admissions dept. saying because I put Econ 2nd choice (Econ doesn't accept any 2nd choice majors) so they were trying to put me into another program that could let me transfer internally as best as possible. I had put Mays first if that's important.</p>

<p>But you did get accepted in the end? Mays is my first choice as well. It's been back at step 2 for 2 days now. I hope that means they are working on getting me in through general studies.</p>

<p>I was completely rejected in the end. Even though I had a 3.88, by the time they switched me into GenStud it was essentially full already. I had to take a year at Blinn in Bryan so I could apply again for this summer/fall. I was a transfer both times...</p>

<p>See attached article. It seems to pertain to your question.</p>

<p>General</a> studies majors encouraged to choose - The Battalion - Texas A&M</p>