Alabama overnight experience?

<p>My son is currently attending an overnight event for potential honors students at one of his 3 college choices. It seems like a great way to get a feel for the campus environment. </p>

<p>Does UA offer something similar? If not, what event would be best for getting a better feel for what life at UA is really like? We attended University Days…which was entirely different…and I feel it would be helpful for my son to spend more time at UA in a more intimate setting with current students. He is going have a very tough decision between 3 great schools.</p>

<p>(He has been invited to Capstone Scholars, but we weren’t planning on attending that since he is also hoping to go down in Feb. for the Honors Band. We are from Michigan so we have to plan our visits carefully.)</p>

<p>Yes...Bama's Honors College arranges overnight visits for students staying in guest host's suites.</p>

<p>Contact Allison and she'll arrange it.</p>

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<p>While UA doesn't normally plan overnight events for prospective students, that isn't to say that it is never done officially or unofficially. Allison will do a great job finding a student with interests similar to those of your son to host him for a night.</p>