Alabama State Tax Return

DS is unsure if he needs to file a AL state tax return for money he earned at UA in 2014. We included him as a dependent on our taxes so he’s covered for his home state but he’s unsure if he is required to file taxes in AL also. Does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks.

Never mind. He says he got a reply back from the AL Department of Revenue. I have to say they are very efficient and quick in replying.

What’s the verdict?!

He’s good to go. Here’s a link in case anyone else ever needs to contact them.

^^ I should also add that the tax situation may vary for other students depending on how much they earned. It’s always best to check.

Glad to hear you received a quick response from ALDOR. From what has been discussed on CC, excess scholarship income is not taxable in the state of Alabama, though individual situations may vary.

For those who do need to file an Alabama income tax return, form 40NR is very simple and can often be filed for free online through ALDOR’s site. Alabama occasionally requires paper copies of form 40NR to be filed instead, which means that direct deposits aren’t available. Instead, Alabama issues refunds in the form of a warrant which can be cashed