Alabama vs LSU

my son will be deciding between LSU and Alabama. He loves both of them for different reasons. Im sure that his decision will come down to some nuance items. I would love to hear honest assessments from kids/parents who attend either school. What you love and hate about your experience. Especially regarding classes, how hard it is to get the classes you want, do you like your professors, are there opportunities to interact with companies nearby etc. How is dorm life, how easy is it to get to the airports. How do you feel the job out look is after graduation.

That is likely to be dependent on the student’s major. can help you find median pay levels of recent graduates who used federal financial aid.

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My son studies engineering. I think Bama draws stronger because they buy kids in but his first summer intern boss went to LSU.

My daughter looked at LSU. Liked it a lot.

Bama has the biggest Honors College in the country. I note this because a perk is registering early.

Access to class will depend on major. My son tells me that he’s always gotten the classes he wanted.

Bama campus is bigger and is more geographically diverse as they buy kids in moreso than LSU.

Both will be fine.

Good luck.