alarm clocks (:

<p>Haha, well I'm not going to boarding school this year, but for those who are and are looking for an alarm clock that will wake them up, I present to you the Top Ten Most Annoying Alarm Clocks.</p>

<p>Top</a> Ten Most Annoying Alarm Clocks The UberReview</p>

<p>I suggest number 7 for those who need a shake to get up in the morning.
enjoy =D</p>

<p>edit: I'm just not so sure your roommate would be too fond of them if they plan on sleeping in.</p>

<p>I like iHomes!</p>

<p>great website. There all just so funny.</p>

<p>I know, I got a laugh looking at all of them.</p>

<p>I love the last one haha/</p>

<p>im using an ihome too!</p>

<p>i like the clocky one :)
some of those sound kind of scary lol</p>

<p>i'm getting the portable one that is also an alarm clock.</p>

<p>do ihomes work for other mp3 players????</p>

<p>They are funny! And I think iHomes do work for other mp3 players as long as they have a a plug. They rock!</p>

<p>thx i might get one</p>

<p>I think I may buy every 1 and set them off all a minute apart in my sister's room. So she dosent know what hit her lol.</p>

<p>those are cool! #2 would be so annoying. :D</p>

<p>I so want one.</p>

<p>Hahaha I think the grenade one would be the most frustrating...especially the having to find the person who THREW the grenade in your room to get back the needle to make it stop.</p>

<p>i think its funny that you have to scream fire in the hole for the alarm to go off on the alarm</p>

<p>haha I don't think it's necessary to yell that for the alarm to go off, but an added effect. (:
I believe you just need to pull the pin from the grenade for it to start.</p>

<p>These are so cool! I totally want a "Clocky"!</p>

<p>I like clocky best. OR maybe the first one. That would be good for me.</p>

<p>I'm buying a clocky for Andover! </p>

<p>My roommate will hate me...</p>

<p>My current alarm never wakes me up!!! I'm going to have to buy at least 5 clockys if I want to wake up on time.</p>