Alcohol Edu...

<p>This is probably a really stupid question but Alcohol Edu is just a Pass/Fail thing right? There's no consequence for lower scores and no reward for higher scores as long as we pass? I didn't read/watch any of the content and took the exam and got a 83... which is a pass but pretty low.</p>

<p>yah it is only pass/fail</p>


<p>(10 characters)</p>

<p>what happens if you don't take it (is it required?)</p>

<p>If you DO get caught and reprimanded, then your punishment is a lot worse than if you had done AlcoholEdu.</p>

<p>still not done yet..........</p>

<p>how come I can't log on to the system................. can I do it be4 school start?</p>

<p>A lot of my friends didn't even do AlcoholEdu and nothing happened to them. However, I wasn't willing to take the chance. An 83 is fine! Now you never have to worry about it ever again.</p>

<p>I never took it. Hasn't been brought up by Admin staff yet. <em>crossing fingers</em></p>

<p>haha, i just finished and barely passed with an 80%, its soo long...</p>

<p>What if I had to do a retake because I failed the original exam, is that bad? I passed the retake though with a 90%. When do we get to complete the 2nd part? Is that part harder?</p>

<p>the second part is short and easy</p>

<p>Update: I graduated last December and never took the test. However, it might not have been important as I was a transfer student (even though it is implied that we need to take it in the cleverly worded website).</p>