Alcohol policies at KP

<p>I have another very serious question and thought it would be better to start a new thread.
At KP do a lot of kids drink on weekends, get drunk, have huge parties and other things of that nature?</p>

<p>The reason I ask is because one flaw my high school has is the majority of the student have huge parties with tons of alcohol every weekend. Honestly i always looked down on getting drunk because i know trying to get into a school such as KP i had a lot to lose if i ever got drunk and did something stupid.</p>

<p>I also ask this because i did a day visit at KP and i was asked by another plebe if i drink or smoke and i said no and that person told me i should get drunk a couple times otherwise i would be in trouble when i started school there.</p>

<p>Our daughter says, first there are no parties. Second, there is a tendency to talk "bigger" than they actually do. So it sounds like there is more drinking going on than there actually is. Yes, there are those who go out and drink on weekends. But there are also those who don't drink.</p>

<p>Continue doing what you are doing. My son c/o 2013 gave up alot because he did not want to be around risky behavior. He felt that there was to much at stake. I am sure there are students who still may party but with all the classes at KP I do not see how you can possibly be successful if you party and drink. Don't forget the legal drinking age is still 21.</p>

<p>I've heard the policy is 0-0-1-3. Wikipedia refreshed my memory, and I think it stands for:</p>

<p>0-0-1-3 stands for:
* 0 underage drinking
* 0 drinking if you are driving
* 1 drink per hour
* 3 drink limit per occaision
So, net-net, you'd likely be a senior (1/c) before you get past the first restriction.</p>

<p>In addition, you are subject at any time to have a random container search, or urine test (documenting probable cause, I think). If you are caught w/alcohol or consuming, you are likely to get a Class 1 (most serious) offense. </p>

<p>Life for a Plebe is ... unpleasant.
Life after a Class 1 is ... unpleasant.
Life for a Plebe after a Class 1 is ... VERY unpleasant.
. . .
You can run the risk of being tossed out.
Not worth the risk.
"Wow, how much did that Beer cost you?"
"Couple hundred thousand dollars-worth of college, and a free invitation to attend my local community college"</p>


<p>Zonker has the current, new policy right on and I'd emphasize that the Superitendant issued a new instruction and has cracked down on things as well. </p>

<p>As has been listed as well - there are no parties on campus, etc. that are close to sanctioned, you won't have the environ of a "regular college" frat parties, etc. at any time during your stays on campus, and during your sea year you'll be working and have watcheds to stand etc.</p>

<p>Now as a grad and dad with a very good relationship with my son does that mean that Kings Pointers never drink, no they do, they are nrmal human beings, in fact as has been alluded since we fancy ourselves "sailors" from time to time it does occur and often it's talked about more than it happens but with clubs in NYC but a 25 minute bus & train ride away Midshipmen have been known to drink. </p>

<p>However as Zonker points out life during a Class 1 restriction (10 or so weeks) really is totally NOT fun nor a great way to live for a quater of your plebe year. One of the things KP strives to teach is taking responsibility for your own actions - sometimess that is in the form of "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime" If things are like when I was there you don't get a lot of sympathy form your friends and classmates when you do something really stupid, though ocassionally you can find someone's shoulder to cry on, they won't skip[ liberty to hang out with you and watch you go to restriction mustes all weekend long.</p>

<p>While Kings Pointers aren't all tea totallers, it's never, ever going to break the top 50 for Playboy's Biggest Party Schools....</p>

<p>ok thanks i appreciate the responses</p>

<p>Another thing that is popular at my school is cigarettes and weed any thoughts on that?</p>

<p>once again ive never touched the stuff</p>


As far as weed goes.. if you're caught with it in your system, whether during a pre-employment screen, random test or post accident test you'll see your license revoked. Don't even think about doing it.</p>

<p>There is not a lot of cigarette smoking going on but, many mids "dip." The new Superintendent has already stated that he would like to make KP a tobacco free campus.
As for restrictions. In most cases underage drinking is considered a "class 1" infraction punishable by up to 10 weeks restriction 100 hours of extra duty and 100 demerits. 300 demerits can be cause for dismissal from the Academy, so if you are going to start racking them up 100 at a time you won't last very long. We were told that the first infraction will get you a class 1, the second will get you sent to alcohol awareness/ rehab and the third could easily get you dis enrolled.</p>

<p>First on alcohol... yes, I do believe the new policy is 0-0-1-3... or as I like to call it "13"
Anywho, there is very little drinking on campus, however a good majority of the students do go out on weekends to CJ's or BHT or Manhattan to drink.</p>

<p>As for smoking, illegal drugs are, for the most part, not used. Those who do are quickly disenrolled.</p>

<p>Smoking cigarettes is very common, you will often see students smoking in between class. Dipping is also very big.
There is also a cigar club, which goes out for smokes every Wednesday. For anyone who does smoke, I suggest Tobacco Plaza which is on middle neck road right past Northern Boulevard. Pretty decent cigar selection.</p>

<p>Hearing that the new Superintendent wants to make KP a tobacco free campus is as laughable as him trying to make the students dry. Which he did try. And failed.</p>

<p>This is why Joey D was such a better Supt, he would drink, sometimes showing up to functions a bit tipsy. In addition, the new Supt broke the tradition of a Christmas dinner smoke. Joey D would buy a bunch of cigars and host the entire Academy at his residence, for a night of Cigars, Cookies, Cidar and Carols. This past year, the cigar club had to host it themselves, and unfortunatley, charge midshipmen for cigars.</p>

<p>I believe this is the latest policy on Alcoholic Beverages:</p>

<p>"204. Alcoholic Beverages:</p>

<p>For the purposes of these regulations, the term "alcoholic beverages" will include all forms of beer, wine, distilled liquors, and other fermented drinks regardless of the amount.</p>

<p>a. Consumption of any alcoholic beverage by Midshipmen will be in conformance with federal, state and local laws and the Academy's guidelines. Any alcohol abuse or drunken behavior constitutes grounds for disciplinary action. Midshipmen must accept the consequences for any misconduct occurring following consumption of an "intoxicating beverage." No person under 21 shall consume alcoholic beverages.</p>

<p>b. Midshipmen are, at all times, prohibited from introducing, or causing to be introduced, possessing or using intoxicating beverages on board any vehicle, boat, ship, military installations, or the Academy grounds, outside the provisions of these regulations. Should alcoholic beverages be authorized to be served by the Superintendent, they must not be removed from the designated areas. Such authorization must be in writing from the Superintendent or delegated authority and in no case will the operator, pilot, coxswain, or any crew member actively engaged in the navigation, sailing, or driving of a vehicle or vessel consume alcohol. For any event or function on or off the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy grounds that is sanctioned by the Academy, the USMMA Parents or Alumni Association/Foundation, or an affiliated Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) or any event that involves an organization or team of the USMMA a "0-0-1-3" policy on the consumption of alcoholic beverages by midshipmen shall apply. The "0-0-1-3" policy is defined as zero (0) drinks for any midshipman under the age of 21, zero (0) drinks without a designated driver (this also means zero drinks for the designated driver), only one (1) drink per hour at an event, and no more than three (3) drinks at any event/activity.</p>

<p>c. Any Midshipman observed to be intoxicated at a time when liberty has not been available and no functions with alcoholic beverages scheduled that day or evening, will be charged with Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, a Class I Violation.</p>

<p>d. Midshipmen 21 years of age and older may consume alcohol at scheduled social functions while on Team Movements if permission is both requested and granted in writing on the Team Movement and the Officer Advisor is present. In such an event the Officer Advisor may not consume alcohol. A Midshipman will always be responsible for his/her actions and the Midshipmen In Charge (MIC) is always responsible for the actions/behavior of other members of the Team Movement. The MIC will also be responsible for ensuring that there is a "Designated Driver" of any Academy vessel or vehicle and for ensuring that the "Designated Driver" does not consume alcohol. </p>

<p>e. First Class Midshipmen 21 years of age and older may consume alcohol at the Midshipmen Activity Center (Midshipmen Pub) during authorized hours of operation or at events approved by the Superintendent. Midshipmen on restriction are not allowed in the Pub. When alcoholic beverages are authorized to be served, they will not be removed from the designated areas. Consumption of alcohol in the Midshipmen Pub, when authorized, is a privilege for First Class Midshipmen only and is not authorized for any underclass midshipmen regardless of their age. First class midshipmen 21 years of age who are invited to dine or attend a social gathering at the home of a faculty or staff member on the grounds of the USMMA are still subject to the 0-0-1-3 policy and the staff or faculty host will ensure the enforcement of the USMMA midshipmen regulations within their homes/grounds on the campus.</p>

<p>f. Midshipmen will employ their position, rank, and leadership experience to prevent others from drinking unlawfully and/or irresponsibly. Midshipmen of legal drinking age will not provide alcohol to underage Midshipmen. Furthermore, Midshipmen will not condone the serving of alcohol to underage Midshipmen or consumption of alcohol by underage Midshipmen. Toleration of this act will be a Class I offence. Midshipmen of superior class/rank, when aware of unlawful or irresponsible drinking by another Midshipman, must take affirmative action to make the offender aware of his/her offence, and if unable to correct the offender's behavior, the superior Midshipman must remove himself/herself from the place where the offence is taking place. In every case, the superior Midshipman must report the event to an appropriate academy official. Violation of this paragraph of the regulations may or may not be considered an "alcohol-related" offence depending on the circumstances of the case involved.</p>

<p>g. Midshipmen assigned watch on a given day may not consume alcohol on that day or within 12 hours of assuming the watch.</p>

<p>h. Midshipmen will be charged with being in violation of this regulation if they remain in a room or place where they are aware that alcoholic beverages are unlawfully present or being used unlawfully or irresponsibly by a Midshipman. The only way a Midshipman may relieve himself/herself of this charge is to leave the room or place as soon as he is aware of the presence of alcoholic beverages. Violation of this paragraph of the regulations may or may not be considered an "alcohol-related" offence depending on the circumstances of the case involved.</p>

<p>i. Midshipmen will become familiar with SUPERINTENDENT'S INSTRUCTION 2006-26, Academy Alcohol Policy. It details the Academy policy concerning alcohol abuse, education, prevention, rehabilitation, and counseling.</p>

<p>K314... Wow. Perspectives are incredible things. thanks for sharing yours.
As far as what I've seen (hosting, carting, shuttling, etc) Mids around, there's not a regular smoker in the bunches I've encountered. As far as occasional/could ... nothing that they've every requested or talked about or hinted at or done in my presence. Large numbers(Most?) are actively NON-smokers.</p>

So, if you are asking because you have 'a friend' who wanted to know, tell 'your friend' he needn't feel compelled to start.
But also let 'your friend' know consuming/imbibing/inhaling ANY illegal/controlled substance(s) will be the fastest ticket outta that place. Don't bother taking a slot from someone else. They are serious about it. They check.</p>

<p>Just to touch on what that plebe said about "getting drunk before you come here"...</p>

<p>While that may sound kinda blunt, it has some merit. I know of more than one or two mids in my class (or, were in my class at some point, in one way or another) that never drank in HS, but became the worst drunks when they became "free" from their parent's/communitie's grasp. </p>

<p>I'll be blunt too. It's unrealistic to think that mids won't drink. But there are those who drink responisbly (and not in the silly "0-0-1-3" thing), those who don't drink at all and there are those who are complete morons when it comes to drinking and they get in trouble - frequently. I could name (but won't) two specific examples of mids I knew who fit that last category and had never drank before coming to KP. You really need to know your limit and unless you have drank before, you won't know it until it's too late. I'm not saying to go get wasted every night before you go there, but if you have literally never had a drink in your life, the first time you do, you'll have no idea what you're doing. This is one of the reasons that some people are pushing to lower the drinking age - it just makes drunks become drunks at an older age and doesn't teach responsibility. </p>

<p>Just be smart about it and realize that these days there is little wiggle room with the CG and the new Supt. when it comes to drinking (his reasoning, though, is a little different that the CG's). However, it is a part of the KP/USMM "culture" that isn't going away soon. But, like many other things you will be tasked with both at KP and in "real life", you have to be responsible and know your limits. Time to grow up!</p>

<p>I posed the question to a 1/c Midshipman/Officer. His observation was:
About 10-15% smoke.
About another 10% dip.
The other 75% don't.</p>

<p>KPMid09 - Well said!</p>

<p>K314...Stewart was not a better Supt...Having been around for the last 5 Superitendents, I can state catagorically...KP would not be in the hurt locker she is, if Stewart was a "better" Supt..He didn't repect the faculty, he didn't respect the staff..he was a bully a petty person....Oh, and by the way, I've told him on that on two occasions. Oliver</p>

<p>Oliver... sorry, I worded that wrong. I have heard many people state the faults of Joe Stewart, however, when I said "better" I meant "the mids liked him better." I realize those are two different things, however, from what I hear, the Good Reverend Worley is not liked by either the faculty, alumni or students. Only MARAD likes their puppet.</p>

<p>I have a son there now, who is 1/c midshipman. Now he is very honest with me and told me that he smokes as do all of his friends. I am a little ashamed of that, but I still love him dearly. He also said that nearly 90% of everyone there drinks, especially on their sea year. Personally I am ok with this, because I think that some drinking is not really a bad thing, assuming everything else is in check. As long as my son passes all his classes and graduates, that is good.</p>