alcohol use at emory

<p>whats the alcohol scene like?? are people generally busted if caught with it...or is it laid back? do the majority of students drink? thanks!!</p>

<p>i saw more alcohol in high school....but then again, i went to a school with heavy (and i do mean heavy) drinkers.</p>

<p>it's easy not to get caught. dont let your RA into your room when you're drinking. dont walk around campus with alcohol in the open (aka dont walk frat row with a beer in your hand). dont get so drunk you have to go to the hospital (although now you wont get in trouble for that on your first offense). if you do get caught, you go before the conduct council (4 students and..2 or 3 faculty, dont remember) and they decide what happens. usually you have to go to an 8hr risk reduction class (biggest bs EVER). if youre really stupid, or if youre caught more times, sometimes they make you write a 7pg paper on something related to alcohol.
probably a majority drink. i dont. YEAH SOBRIETY!!!!</p>

<p>i heart alcohol</p>

<p>seriously though, i've heard the alcohol situation at emory is similar to every other school. if you want alcohol, you can get it. from what cookie says, it sounds like if you drink alcohol you can't be a moron about it...which is a good thing.</p>