AlcoholEdu and Haven

Does anyone know where/how I can find the AlcoholEdu and Haven online programs? I know that all newly enrolled uchicago students (like me!) must complete AlcoholEdu and Haven before August 24.

The uchicago website says I can access the tests via the “Incoming Students portal” but I can’t find the tests anywhere on the portal, which is what I assume they’re talking about? I even looked through the uPortal and couldn’t find the tests anywhere. Sorry if this is a stupid question but what am I missing? was basically broken at the end of spring quarter when they rolled out a new version so it’s probable that they lost alcoholedu and haven in the updating. Don’t worry about it, just shoot the CPO an email (

Most people will wait until the last minute so the last week before it’s due lots of people will be trying to get it and all issues will be resolved. It takes like an hour to complete, so it isn’t that much of a big deal if you don’t start until relatively late.

@HydeSnark Thanks, I’ll try emailing them! Yeah it seems like the new MyUchicago is still kind of in beta

Oh, you have no idea. There was a while when people were either not registered for any classes or had somehow ended up in something ridiculous like 4 separate civ sections with a bio lab, none of which they had signed up for.

Luckily they fixed that but it’s been rough. Bear with them.