Alerting Harvard about changed classes

<p>So last quarter, I told my counselor that I was taking AP World History third quarter and then a PE class 4th quarter to fulfill PE requirements. However, on the first day of 3rd quarter she changed my schedule for no reason and put me in PE because she wanted me to be safe with the graduation reqs. I was going to argue with her, but changed my mind since I had talked to her several times to let her change my schedule to AP World in the first place. Now, I just realized that I had sent in my Midyear Report and didn't tell Harvard about my situation. Do you guys think it is too late now? Would I be auto-rejected?</p>

<p>wait you're taking PE 3rd quarter and AP World History 4th quarter? if it's that then I don't think there's a problem...</p>

<p>in any case, wait until decisions come out. If you're truly worried, I'd email them after the 31st</p>