Alfond scholarship decisions

When do the nominees of the Alfond Scholarship find out their decisions? I heard it was mid December but is there a particular date?

I am wondering this too. Do they come out during the acceptances in January?

@slaythedogma I was wondering what your stats are. Last time I checked, the Rollins website updated with higher SAT/ACT minimums.

I have a 1480 SAT and grades of A,A,B. I was told in August that they’d be out mid-December. I can’t help but keep checking the portal religiously…scared to email my admissions counsellor for the fear of sounding clingy.

On the website it says mid-December too. Who told you in August it would be? We just have to wait and pray! Good luck :slight_smile:

The only letters that I know went out were on November 28th.

@40flsunshine I met Ed Bustos, the international admissions counsellor on his visit to India, and he told me. And what letters went out on the 28th? The ones for the scholarship or just general ED acceptances?

The ED acceptances.

@40flsunshine I emailed them and they said that the ones invited would get to know by Friday or Saturday. Keep me updated here about whether you got invited or not!

Omg, how nerve-wrecking!! Did they say it would come in email or mail?

They are mailing it really early this year. Maybe the invitations are only for international students?

@40flsunshine maybe they are! They didn’t specify about email or mail. Probably on the portal.

I think today is the day!! Good luck!

@40flsunshine let me know if you hear from them and I will too!!

I got it tonight!!! :smiley:

@40flsunshine same here!! See you there.

Will you be committing to Rollins? :slight_smile:

@40flsunshine you should text me… I’m sure I met you at the weekend haha it was so good

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!! Be sure to message in here if you find out, I’m super excited to see who all got it!

@tiredIBstudent are you a current Alfond scholar or did you go this year with us?