Alfond Scholarship Weekend 2017

Hi everyone. Yesterday, I got my acceptance letter from Rollins along with an invitation for the Alfond Scholarship competition. Does any of you also got it? If anybody knows more about the event, could you tell me please? Any details are worthy. Thank you all :smiley:

My daughter is currently an Alfond at Rollins. When she was a contestant in 2015, Alfond weekend consisted of tours, social events and information sessions, as well as group and individual interviews. I would highly recommend attending if you are considering the school: the event was extremely informative and enjoyable, and provided great information about the opportunities available to students at Rollins.

For those students admitted this week, would the Alfond invite be noted on the portal or does it come later, separately?

@EvelynEdna i’m wondering the same thing.

Does anyone know?

@EvelynEdna @lanaweid I’m an international student, so may be it’s a little different for U.S. citizens. From my experience, it appeared in the portal along with my acceptance letter. Then the acceptance letter arrived in the mail with the invitation attached to it. Hope this was helpful. Let me know if any of you are going :slight_smile:

My son will be attending the 2017 Rollins Alfond Weekend. He received his invitation with his acceptance. Is anyone else on here definitely attending, and where are you coming from?

My daughter is also attending.

Is your daughter happy with her choice to attend Rollins?

@Diego0115 Did you decide to attend? @Quinranda Where are you coming from? We are coming from Northern Virginia.

@Toby0217 we are coming from NoVa too.

@Quinranda we live in Camelot (Annandale), and my son goes to Falls Church High School. Look forward to meeting in Florida…

@Toby0217 @Quinranda I’m going too. I’m from Lima, Peru. :slight_smile:

We live in Nokesville (near Manassas)… Looking forward to meeting you as well. Is your son excited? What are his other top choices? Diego- looking forward to meeting you too. My daughter spent a summer in Peru and loved it.

@Quinranda My son is looking forward to the weekend. We look forward to meeting the other students/parents. Franklin & Marshall & UMW are among some of his other choices. What about your daughter? We are flying in Friday because he has an audition with the music department at 5 pm that evening–so it will be a busy and intense weekend. @Diego0115 When will you be traveling? Will you be coming alone? Have a safe trip overseas…

Does anyone know how many students will be attending the weekend this year?

@Toby0217 I’m arriving the 24th. My family will arrive one day earlier. Looking forward to meet you and your son.

@Diego0115 Great. My husband, son, and I are looking forward to meeting you and your family. Safe travels to all…

We thought it was a fabulous weekend! I think they did a great job of showing the students what life could be like at Rollins. My daughter left feeling much stronger about her potential opportunities at Rollins and I think it elevated to a top contender for her. Hope you all had equally good experiences.

We also enjoyed the weekend. My son feels like Rollins is a good for him.

Hi! For the international students that went, do they reimburse your travel for the competition or must you pay for that yourself?