Alfred U - - how remote?

<p>GC suggeted Alfred for D and it offers enough of what D wants to warrant further investigation. One of my concerns is the fact that Alfred is always described as "remote." CC posts suggest that the school sponsors sufficient programming to keep the students busy - - but one post said it would be difficult to find a grocery or pharmacy.</p>

<p>So just how remote is Alfred?</p>

<p>There is a pharmacy in Alfred, and a bus goes 2x/day to Hornell, where there is a Walmart and Wegmans supermarket. Bus is free w/student ID.
DD is a freshman, and says there is plenty to keep her occupied. We visited a few weekends ago, and while it is "remote" there is plenty to do.</p>

<p>Thanks for responding - - is there other transportation options? Taxis? ZipCar? A shuttle that makes the trip only 2x/day sounds like a student could get stranded w/o some alternate form of transportation.</p>

<p>No car rentals, and taxis I do not know. Daughter stays on campus 90% of time, or walks in the village of Alfred. She has made friends with students with cars, but she's only gone to Hornell a few times, mainly to Wegmans (supermarket). She says there is enough to do on campus, and many student groups that she's rarely bored.</p>

<p>I will agree with spiffy, my daughter has made many friends already & some have cars, so she has left campus a lot for Wegman's, hiking excursions, community service and so on. The entertainment that Alfred provides on the weekends also gets great reviews. The Southern Tier is a part of New York that really deserves a closer look!</p>