Alhtough I have clear choices...

<p>I would like to know which universisty is good for me in Your opinion.
I simply lost orientation.</p>

1270-1420, with the most probable value about: 1370 [haven't taken yet... math: 800-750, Verbal: 520-620]</p>

Physics [800] [92th]
Math IIC [790] [87, or 89th]
Mathi IC [770] [99th]</p>

<p>Writing ?? 600-700 [closer to 600]
TOEFL: 623</p>

<p>Nationality: Polish
Country of residence: Poland
Major: Molecular Biology
Predicted results in Matura [exam after HS in Poland, those are from headmaster]
- Polish [basic] - 80%
- Math [adv] 95%
- Physics [adv] 95%
- Biology [adv] 100%/95%</p>

We do not choose courseload. I am in the most advanced language group, and as the only one student in school I realise individual program in Biology.
Additionally, I am in the specially profiled class which have more physics even than ordinary physics-maths profiles, in the most selective [last year] in capitol of Poland.</p>

<p>12th grade
Individual Programme Biology Advanced<br>
Individual study: Neurobiology Advanced<br>
Individual Study: Immunology Advanced<br>
Individual Study: Genomics, Genetics, Microbiology Advanced<br>
Physics Advanced<br>
Biology Advanced<br>
Mathematics Advanced<br>
English [most advanced group] Advanced<br>
Knowledge About Society<br>
German [most advanced group] Advanced </p>

<p>11th and 10th grades: 14-15 subjects, 35 hours a week.</p>

<p>University courses [there are no program of Univ. courses for high school students, in Poland. So I organised it myself :).]</p>

<p>Semester/term and year Institution Course subject Course grade
winter semester 2001 Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics in Warsaw Genetics, D [Big] impossible to be graded<br>
winter semester 2002 Institute of Zoology, of Warsaw University Zoology M [smaller] impossible to be graded<br>
winter semester 2004 Institute of Experimental Biology - Nencki Neuropsychology [graduate] pending </p>


<p>9 10 11 12 Approximate time spent Hours/week Weeks/year </p>

<p>Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology. 28 52 independent study, Research, writing projects, exercises and lectures in University.<br>
Physics, Biophysics and chemistry 8 52 International Young Physicist Tournament, youngest member of team - researcher and reporter. independent study, projects [Biophysics, engineering] additional advanced lessons.<br>
Cub scouts leading 5 43 Founder and a leader of the troop [two years],- help in maintaing and training of followers [my former auxilliaries] during 11th and 12th.<br>
Running 2 35 Recreational - for increasing the sharpness of mind, minor competitions, time: about 10.30 minutes for 3000m<br>
Volunteering in Sea station of Gdansk University 68 3 Sea Station - Institute of Oceanography of Gdansk University - work in sealarium, volunteering.Inclu<br>
Inventing and training, mental exercises 6 52 Segragation of information, 'free-thinking'. It helps me to think and hence, I included it in area of interests.<br>
Cub Scout camps - volunteering. 110 3 auxilliary/leader - functions: foster-father ,organisator, social-animator, builder, medical-rescuer.<br>
Psychology 4 40 learning, discussions with people, about their problems, and seeking for solving problems.I recognized that I am gifted in this area,maybe due to good empathy and imagination.<br>
'Tanzania' charity actions 25 1 / 6 originator and co-organiser of the action, major fund raiser [about 80%]. 6 weeks for 11th's grade 'Tanzania II'.<br>
Philosophy 2 46 ethics and praxeology. I organize philosophy discussions.<br>
Medical rescue 2 35 HSR 3rd degree. Assistant of teacher during civil defense classes. Two people rescued.<br>
Tutoring peers 4 40 I am the major tutor in school. Especially in Physics, biology, and maths.I have been helping about 40 people,<br>
English courses 3 45 TOEFL course, courses from pre-intermediate to avanced. independent vocabulary training. </p>

<p>I doubt if I will be able to put it all in application, but there is a bit more.</p>

- about 10 inventions, conceptions concerning applied sciences [mainly biophysics]. Conceptions are quite good, but I do not know how revolutionary. I have never published.
- Three research works [but small ones, almost without funds]
- Essays are [according to Polish-US Fulbright Commision conslutant very good and not ordinaryl.]</p>

<li>Recommendations: usually all one-two "excellent" [top 10%], several "outstanding" [top few this year] and several "exceptional" [top few in career]. Maybe I can ask for recommendation from my lecturer in graduate studies of neurobiology.</li>

Grades average above 4.75 Distinction for students who reach grades average above 4,75, 12th has not ended yet.<br>
Physics olympiade for secondary school students Finalist at the highest available level - in district mazowieckie,for 9th grade. Practically ensure admission to the most selective high schools.<br>
Biology Olympiade for High School Students. 11th place in district mazowieckie, in 11th grade. At this level I was the only 11th grader, in mazowieckie district.<br>
Physics competition for HS students WarsawTechU Second stage out of three, 11th year, 12th - haven't got reports yet.<br>
Kangaroo 11th grad: rank: 'very good'. I have not taken 10th's grade examination, beacause of illness.<br>
International Young Physicists Tournament I got excellent grades on research work [movement of drops of water], we've got 4th place in half a country.We quitted next year, to concentrate on careers.<br>
'Lwiatko' - Physics Competition In 2004, I was in the best 2,5%, of 4000 participants [age group], according to the statistics chart, in 10th grade, only several hundred students participated.<br>
Individual programme. Can be awarded after attending to school at least one year [hence: since 11th grade], Additional individual lessons. I am the only person in school who was awarded because of academic performance. </p>

<p>Plus: Biology Olympiade finalist, on national scale, or above - probable [I need to wait until april].
Plus: Physics competition of Warsaw University of Technology finalist - probable [pending march-april]. Rest will be similar this year.</p>

<p>Should I take GRE molecular Biology [I can score about 70th percentile]???</p>

<p>And one more think [do not hit me]:
I will have bad scores in english [^],and I won't be able to fit all the information about myself in application.
I'd appreciate ANY suggestions.</p>

- about 10 inventions, conceptions concerning applied sciences [mainly biophysics]. Conceptions are quite good, but I do not know how revolutionary. I have never published.
- Three research works [but small ones, almost without funds]
- Essays are [according to Polish-US Fulbright Commision conslutant] very good and not ordinary.
Thank You very much indeed.</p>

<p>I hope it is readable.</p>

<p>IYPT - only 10th at 11th
Cub scouts: 9th,10th partly 11th and 12th
Tanzania actions: 9,10
Volunteering in sea station: summer 9,10.</p>

<p>Rest is either less important for me, or during all the grades.</p>

<p>We have no ranks, but I am about the first 10% [and so signed the headmaster], and inevitable the best in school in science :) [max possible].</p>

<p>I know it's long. But I am really bewildered now, I REALLY don't know how I stand.
In Poland admission is based only on scores... there is no possibility to compare EC's, For instance: I do know only one person who have taken university courses [I heard today about another one. And that's all by now.] - but it is common in US. How admission offices would look at it?</p>

<li>SAT I Math closer to 800 than 750.</li>

<p>Do you have an AIM screen name?</p>

<p>I will have in a while</p>

<p>jszablow - AIM screen name</p>

<p>Bring up this post, please.</p>

<p>I know it is sooooo long.
I can read Your essay, if You want, instead and tell a bit about it. As an indemnity ;).</p>

<p>You have a shot at very competitive universities. What do you want to study in college? It's easier to create a list based on your field of interest.</p>

<p>Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Biophysics.</p>


<p>I am actually concentrated on connecting these domains to apply science.</p>

<p>Off the top of my head, consider Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Columbia, MIT maybe, Rice, Lehigh. Just a few I could think of. Good luck!</p>

<p>MIT won't take my SATI scores. Only two of SATII and Toefl. </p>

<p>How it would be with MIT in this case?</p>

<p>What about:
- Renesselar Polytechnic Institute
- NEU</p>

<p>Any other schools that have good financial aid programme for internationals, and large biology depts [;)]?</p>

<p>[I have one place to fill in, and I do not want to waste it, I am seeking for good colleges,in which I stand a chance...]</p>

<p>Rochester Institute of Technology is basically guaranteed admission for you.</p>

<p>University of California. That's the point.
How it would be for such international like me?</p>