Alien Labor Essay

ok, be gentle. this is an essay i plan to use for my apps. it’s the “important experience” topic. it’s a rough draft so i’m not done editing it. just thought i’d quickly post it here.


I sat motionless on a chair in the corner of the cramped hospital room just watching, waiting. I looked at the tiny mountain my mom called her belly and pondered the possibility of the baby just magically popping out, all clean and ready to take home. All I could hear were the random screeches of pain from my mother as her contractions got closer together. I asked my dad, “Is mom Okay?”<br>
“Of course. Are you ready for the baby?”
“Um, yes,” I lied. I wasn’t ready. What nine-year-old is ready to witness a reenactment of that scene from “ALIEN” where the thing just surges out of the human’s stomach?<br>
I walked through the jungle of cables and tubes toward my mother. Beads of sweat ran down her red face. I was amazed at how strong she looked as she gave me a smile. I grabbed her warm hand and tried to help her breathe and relax, but it was to no avail. Not only were her contractions getting stronger, but I also hyperventilated. The room started to spin and I managed to sit down before I collapsed. My lungs were paralyzed. All I could hear was the deafening beat of my heart. I was scared to death for my mother. What if something happened to her or the baby? She had had complications before…
Suddenly the doctor came bursting through the door and from under his mask I heard a muffled, “We’re ready to start!” Finally, my lungs let out the air they had held captive those few, terrifying seconds. I begrudgingly let my father place me by the door in front of my mom. For a split second I thought of running for my life, but I couldn’t do it. My mom needed me there, and I couldn’t leave her alone.
“Push!” the doctor shouted.
Tears ran down my mother’s face as she yelled in agony. I succumbed to the guilt in my heart as I thought back to a year before when I naively asked her for a sibling.
“Here comes the head… and the body…it’s a boy!”
It was surprisingly nothing like the scene I had picture before. Though a bit nervous, I decided to cut the physical bond that held my brother and my mother together. As I stood there, witnessing the phenomenon of birth, I realized the great amount of love, fortitude, and selflessness it took to create life. I’ll never forget how much respect and admiration I felt for my mother at that moment. She was a goddess, fearless and invincible.<br>
“Su nobre es *****,” my mom told me as she held him in her arms.

<h2> I was transfixed by his silky black hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and toothless smile. That day I learned how unconditional love could guide one through any situation. I knew my life would never be the same. I vowed that from then on I would love, cherish, and protect my brother, *****,…my little alien. </h2>

the"*****" is there cuz i didn’t want to post my brother’s name.
keep in mind i wrote this about 20 minutes ago. i plan to somehow incorporate my love for medicine and stuff somehow, any suggestions?
i’m going to post my newer draft tommorrow.

<p>Haha, I like the title first of all. I also like the way you told the story and your point of view. Very nice.</p>

<p>thanks...anyone else</p>