All About the Benjamins

<p>Hello, I am a kid with good enough numbers to get into some higher level schools, but not a good enough bank account. This, and the fact that i will already incur thousands of dollars of debt in med school(aspiring doc), i am trying to find a reasonably priced school that still offers a good preparation for med school, and more importantly a heightened chance of acceptance.</p>

<p>My teacher told me just this morning that University of Georgia (Free tuition with HOPE scholarship & chance for merit based full ride) has an undergratuate degree in genetics, an uncommon undergrad that could possibly give me a leg up.</p>

<p>I am also looking into colleges such as Mercer(28,000 a year, i think) Emory(50,000) and Duke(38,000), but being a suburban, middle-class, white male, i will probably qualify for little non-merit based financial aid. (indian freind of equal smarts attends Emory for $6,000).</p>

<p>Any thoughts about my philosophy of penny pinching? About the expensive colleges? the genetics degree and UGA for pre-med?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for your posts.</p>

<p>Duke's tuition isn't that low, I think you're missing room and board or something. Duke is near 50K.</p>

<p>Honestly, I don't think a genetics major will give you a leg up at all in medical school admissions. Medical schools always say that majors don't matter as long as you have the necessary, required classes.</p>

<p>What state do you live in? If you live in Georgia, I thought state schools were free.</p>

<p>Yes, public state schools Tuition is free but not room and board etc. Also, Mercer and Emory are both private, so HOPE pays just 3000 a semester.</p>

<p>You are asking a valid question that most students aiming for pre-med should be asking. If your parents tell you that they have $200K for you on your education and/or on the down payment for your first house, wouldn't you try to save most of that for your medical school education and/or your dream house?</p>

<p>i'm sayin! good thinking ace!</p>

<p>but for duke (my reach school) you can be an RA for free room and board along with some other perks, which would be helpful.</p>