All ACT scores or just one? Do they actually superscore the SAT from all sittings??

<p>My daughter is trying to figure out specifically what Rice wants in terms of the ACT submission. We understand ALL SAT scores are to be sent. 1) Do they actually take the highest score from each section from among all testings or do they only look at the single best sitting score? Do they want all ACT scores sent? I do understand they do not superscore the ACT.</p>

<p>This is what the web site reads:Rice uses the highest scores from any sitting on the SAT in order to consider each applicant's most positive test results. Recognizing that this policy could disadvantage those students who cannot afford repeated testing or expensive test prep coaching, we believe a comprehensive testing history provides us with the appropriate context required for making a fair judgment of what the test scores mean in a holistic admission process. Therefore, we require all applicants submitting the SAT to submit all scores to Rice.</p>

<p>The ACT does not condone splitting and combining subscores from multiple sittings; therefore, it is Rice's policy to use the highest ACT composite score in admission consideration.</p>

<p>From the SAT side, Rice looks at every single score. They superscore, but still keep in mind your testing history. For example, if you get a 2300 after 8 tries, the number of attempts will count against you, especially compared to someone who took it once. The policy was implemented to level the playing field for those who cannot afford to take the SAT multiple times and to discourage people from focusing on just 1 section and taking it 3 times. 800/400/400, 400/800/400 and 400/400/800 does superscore to a 2400, but Id be surprised if Rice admitted someone with that.</p>

<p>From the ACT side, Rice wants all scores to be sent however they do not combine the best scores from each section. They will look at your whole testing history and highest overall score. </p>

<p>So do you think three SAT tries will look bad? The first was kind of on a whim after freshman year and the second was just last October. She will try once more this October but her ACT( she took twice) was stellar so she just sent the one ACT. She scored the same composite both times but improved the math and English but it was still a 35. The ACT policy seems unclear to us on the website.</p>

<p>I doubt it. 3 should be fine.</p>

<p>With a 35 in the ACT, why even retake the SAT? That is an excellent score.</p>

<p>So she should send in the earlier ACT score even though it is the same overall score?</p>

<p>As I understand it, yes. Rice wants all your scores.</p>

<p>I personally wouldn’t retake the SAT either. Don’t think it will add any value to the already excellent 35 ACT.</p>

<p>Daughter signed up so will try it anyhow. She doesn’t need any more subject tests so will just take the SAT and hope for the best. She feels she can improve her Math since she did get.the 36 in the math ACT. Her essays aren’t great so she will focus on that as well. She really, really wants Rice!! It has been her dream school since 9th grade. Funny because Harvard and Princeton are more affordable for us! Hoping for merit and or athletic $$$$!</p>

<p>Good to hear about Rice being a first choice. Wish her luck!</p>

<p>Definitely focus on the essays. A 36 vs a 35 on the ACT, for example, wont be the difference maker for admissions.</p>