All apps in, GWU, AU, NEU, and others

<p>White female from new York
Attend small all girls catholic school
Middle class
International relations/political science</p>

<p>91.6/3.6 GPA
School does not rank
SAT math: 610
CR: 740
ACT 30
SAT US subject test: 740
Lit subject test 740</p>

<p>Have taken/am taking APUSH, AP US gov, AP Macro, AP calc (only aps my school offers)
Dual enrollment in English and Spanish
All honors English, history classes</p>

<p>Clubs and Activities
School matching/concert/jazz band for four years, officer last year, treasurer this year
Editor of school literary magazine
Peer tutor
School service group
Founding member of schools friends of Rachel club </p>

Nursing home this year
Hospital over summer
3 yrs. at local library</p>

Officer in band
National student leadership conference</p>

<p>Applied to:
American University
Brown (will interview)
GWU (have interviewed)
Smith (have interviewed)

<p>American- good chance (match)
GWU- match
Smith- no idea
Pitt- safety
Brown- little to no chance (very high reach)</p>

<p>Yeah, I know browns probably nothing. It's just that dream school I threw in because I'd always wonder "what would've happened if I applied" type thing.</p>

<p>Anymore input? I'm kind of freaking out...and probably will be until letters start coming in. In march.</p>