All but one schools has received my transcripts...

<p>that I sent over a month ago. Should I be worried? Is this something worth contacting them for? I doubt it would help them find it.</p>

<p>I sent them a month before I submitted my application. Their FAQ says that makes no difference.</p>

<p>Is it Baylor? They seem to have a slow system. I contacted the administrator and somebody else there, they said that there is just a lot of stuff to process.</p>

<p>First, double check with your registrar. If the registrar said s/he sent out the transcripts for that school, then call up the school at least a few days BEFORE the deadline. But generally, they will let you know (if it says so on FAQ or Applying pages) if they're missing anything.</p>

<p>do i have to call in and check whether they received my transcripts?</p>