All FORMER SAT 2 phsyics people

<p>All FORMER SAT 2 phsyics people </p>

<p>how did you guys feel right after you took your test ... and what was the actual curve and even your scores. How many did u omit or get wrong?</p>

<p>Thanks guys</p>

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<p>I felt fine after the test. I'm a horrible test taker, but I love physics and did well in the class. I got a 5 on the exam (B) but I got a 710 on the SATII. It is my highest standardized test score, and I'm just glad I got over 700. I think I remember leaving about 8 blank, and feeling unsure on about 3 of them.</p>

<p>I felt fine after the test. I had answered all of them and was confident about all but one or two, and I ended up with an 800. I hadn't taken physics yet at the time (doing it this year), so I can't provide any comparison to an AP result or anything.</p>

<p>I took Physics SAT 2 yesterday. It was weird...</p>

<p>i was kind of indifferent, although a little worried. But I was disappointed when I got a 790 on the exam.</p>

<p>I had heard from all the people I knew who had taken/were taking AP Physics (C:Mechanics) that it was "the hardest test [they] had ever taken in [their lives]"I learned some thermodynamics and electricity stuff. I took the the Real Physics SATII from the book, and got a 720, skipping every magnetism question (as I didn't try to learn it). I took the actual test, again skipping every magnetism question, expecting around a 720-740, and again scored 720.</p>

<p>Well I took it last saturday and skipped 12 questions...I didnt have time....and I got a 3 for AP Physics B btw....this sux...I was expecting a i just want a 650+</p>

<p>thought i did well - got a 660 respectable score but 50 percentile was in honors phys...</p>

<p>says it all - phys test is a bastard</p>

<p>when do we get our SAT2's that we took saturday??</p>

<p>I felt like I did horribly after I took it, but I got an 800</p>

<p>But you thought you got a horrible 790....</p>

<p>lol...i like jaredthegreat!!</p>

<p>i thought it was easy and that i got an 800 and i did... not to ruin your dreams or anything, though. :(</p>

<p>Heh, I think the physics curve is extremely generous. First time I took it, I felt so bad I was convinced I must have got a 650 or so. I left about 9 questions blank and guessed on 20 of them. Surprisingly, it turned out I got 780. So, don't worry about it too much.</p>