all girls want is money?

<p>Ok i know this is a little blunt. But for some reason it seems that in all the relationships i've had, all the girls want is money/luxury... am i being too idealistic in that there is a girl who will want a relationship but without emptying my wallet?</p>

<p>your not funny.</p>

<p>since when did dudes ever buy girlfriends everything?</p>

<p>wont catch me buying my gf anything for no reason. she can buy it herself</p>

<p>the golddigger gene starts to appear as they get older, not yet, or else all they gonna find is a real ugly looking dude... unless they can pull a prince william.....</p>

<p>1989C has a point about money being more important later, as a whopping generalization.</p>

<p>There are plenty of women who have no interest in money. My guess is you are doing something to elicit this behavior. Do you talk about money? Drive a flashy car? Have a lot of expensive gizmos that you show off?</p>

<p>If you don't want a woman to like you for your money, stop being about money.</p>

<p>Yes, we all want money. That's it. We have no emotions and are only out to fulfill our material wants.</p>

Yes, we all want money. That's it. We have no emotions and are only out to fulfill our material wants.


<p>See, we knew that. And all we want is just sex. So that makes you hos and us johns.</p>

<p>^^ Exactly. You just figured out the meaning of life.</p>

<p>Definitely not all us girls are out for money. My ex (well, his family anyway) was very well-off but I didn't care. He never bought me anything unless I really needed it and couldn't afford it. We almost always split meals between us, paid our own ways at the movies, etc. The only thing he ever bought me was alcohol and that was only because he was 21 and I wasn't. The trade-off was that I drove us everywhere (he's foreign, so didn't have a car here, only at home) and never asked for gas money.</p>

<p>After a girl graduates, she tries to do something with her degree but gets nothing but crap jobs. She realizes this and starts looking for a rich man. She wants to leech off of some unfortunate guy that is blinded by "love."</p>

<p>"Gold-digging" is a popular mentality for girls at my school, most unfortunately.</p>

<p>If this were so, wouldn't girls who do have a lot of money not want boyfriends?</p>

<p>i love the counterpart threads...and somehow, i think the girl's argument ("all guys want is sex") admittedly holds a little more water :p</p>

<p>yeah, well, i could NEVER respect a guy who tried to buy me a lot of stuff >.<</p>

<p>correction: girls want guys who don't whine and complain about how all girls want is money.</p>

<p>Christine, the only reason why girls have boyfriends is so that they can show them off to their friends.</p>

<p>Don't lie.</p>

<p>there will be a day when you people will realize taht economics controls EVERYTHING (religion, love, education etc.)</p>

<p>I'm happy in a hidden relationship with a boy who doesn't pay for lots of things. So there.</p>

<p>if that's true, how can i find my own girl friend? I have no money and an old car, poor me</p>

<p>I've found that girls want your time more than anything. Money helps.</p>

<p>Unfortunately it turns out often that those who have money don't have the time, and those with time don't have money.</p>

<p>I for one, work a lot, which brings me a lot of money, but I don't have time to pursue girls in addition to all the other things I do.</p>

<p>@remi:find some who's in debt and has no car. you'll be rich to her.</p>

<p>All girls want is money and all boys want is sex. Yep!!!</p>