All Honors Colleges - 2016

<p>Specify what honors program you got into, some basic stats, and where else you are applying.</p>

<p>Me - Dean's Scholars, 33 ACT, top 3%, AP Scholar with Distinction. Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Brown, Carnegie Mellon (denied), USC (accept), Rice, SMU.</p>

<p>Talk about top heavy! Grats on getting in to DS, though.</p>

<p>Majoring in computer science</p>

<p>Deans Scholars and Turing Scholars
Top 2%
AP Scholar with Distinction, National Achievement Finalist
Applied to Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, University of Califoria -Berkeley</p>

<p>Bio Major
Deans Scholars
Valedictorian, 2380 SAT, etc. (stats posted elsewhere)</p>

<p>Harvard SCEA (Accept), Princeton, Stanford, Emory (accept), Johns Hopkins, WashU</p>

<p>Pre-Journalism Major
Accepted into Plan II and Liberal Arts Honors.
2170 SAT (homeschooler-no rank)
25 hours of dual credit.</p>

<p>Applied to: SMU (accept), UTDallas (accept), Ohio Wesleyan (accept), King's College (accept), University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Middlebury College, University of Chicago, College of the Atlantic, William & Mary, Trinity, Baylor.</p>

<p>^ homeschooler, so have you decided on whether you'll be doing Plan II or LAH? :)</p>

<p>Talks stats make me want to cry a little, they are very impressive</p>

<p>Are you guys out of state or instate????</p>

<p>Computer Science major
Accepted to Deans Scholars and Turing Scholars</p>

<p>SAT: 2390
ACT + writing: 35
2nd in class when I applied, currently 1st (public school)
Loads of math contests, but not extraordinary scores
Out of state</p>

<p>I also applied to CMU, MIT, Brown, and UW Seattle. (No decisions yet.)</p>

<p>Computer Science Major
Accepted to Deans Scholars and Turing scholars</p>

<p>SAT: 2310
ACT: 35
Top 1% of my class, AP Scholar with Distinction, National Merit Semifinalist</p>

<p>I also applied to MIT.</p>

<p>If you guys have the time, you might want to make a post here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>