All is not well in public transportation

<p>The latest fiasco of verbal abuse has been recorded and sent to youtube. I dont know if I can put a youtube link here but if you search for OC Transpo Bus Driver Loses It on Passenger you be able to watch a 1 minute video of a young man being verbally abused and threatened bu a public transit driver. This happened in Ottawa Ontario Canada last week. The story is that the young man has a mild form of Austism (he did not specify) and is taking a script wrtting course at a local CC. It was 1 am with 2 other people on the bus and he was reading from the latest script he had written and admits that some of the language may have been inappropriate. The driver told him to stop it and he did then went to the front of the bus to explain and apologize to the driver. That is where the video starts. </p>

<p>My biggest problem is that drivers union is supporting the driver saying that no one understands the stress they are under and that sometimes you just lose it. I am absolutely disgusted that a person working in public can have this kind of tyrade and still have a job let alone not be arrested.</p>

<p>Let's see ... </p>

<li>kid uses inappropriate language</li>
<li>driver tells kid to stop</li>
<li>kid approaches driver</li>
<li>kid gets yelled at</li>

<p>What am I missing?</p>

<p>It looks unjustified, on the face of it, and from the description by another passenger. I don't know anything about the bus driver. Not sure what kind of job he normally does, whether he has a history of this sort of behavior. If it is a one time incident, he should be put on probation, IMO. I agree that bus drivers have a very stressful job. I used to ride the bus, years ago, in Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco and some of the passengers were very scary. I remember one in particular, who was threatening to rape the woman in front of him. Creepy and scary. The driver did something, either called the police or kicked him off. I can't remember, it was so long ago.</p>

<p>In Boston it is now standard procedure to collect the residue for DNA analysis when drivers get spit on.</p>

<p>It's pretty sad that this happens so frequently they created a procedure for it.</p>

<p>who cares if the kid has autism? How do other people know he has autism? Does he carry a bright neon sign that identifies himself this way?</p>

<p>having autism does not excuse you from being obnoxious on the bus. All kids of **** happens on buses, especially ones that go through not so great parts of the city (in any city).</p>