all of you freshmen at UMich.. how is it so far?

<p>how do you like the school, how's life, how's social life, how's work load, etc. etc?</p>

<p>bearable? or great?</p>

<p>AMAZING!!!! the time of my life...the work load is not too bad (LSA) Social life is the best weekends are starting tonight! I LOVE MICHIGAN i would not change my decision to come here for anything</p>

<p>IT IS SO AWESOME! I'm glad I chose to come here. The campus and people are amazing. Every day all around campus you can hear different people protesting/advertising/doing whatever...from socialists in front of west hall to religious right fanatics in front of the Big House...Ann Arbor rocks! A couple of weeks ago, there was a freestyle rap battle in the diag, in which I (unsuccessfully, as I am 1/2 jewish 1/2 Indian) competed. it doesn't get any better than this. The workload was not bad at first but it does steadily increase, and now it is pretty tough, but you should expect that from one of the nation's premier universities. The football games are amazing. If you decide to matriculate here, GET SEASON TICKETS. You don't want to be the kid bidding on tickets online (especially since next year, ND, Purdue, and the OSU ****EYES are all home games) and end up paying somtimes 10x for a ticket (I think that's what msu tickets are going for now but I don't care, as i only paid $150 for all the games). Seeing everyone's arms in the air for Hail to the victors is a sight unlike any other. Sure the SEC stadiums get louder, but they are trash. Again, there is nothing like seeing the Wolverines dominate. Social life is awesome. The frat parties can range from being really bad to totally kick ass. For example, one particular fraternity usually has parties to which over 1000 people come, and it gets crowded, and the beer is really bad. Another fraternity has smaller parties, but they usually have kegs and hard liquor. The cops don't care if you walk around drunk as long as you are not acting like an idiot or carrying a beverage outside of a party, although they do tend to break up even registered parties, but then again there's always something going on. if you don't drink, the university has many programs involving the arts and things like that which seem pretty interesting. Because Hill Auditorium kicks ass, so many artists come like (String Cheese (even though i don't really like them-i'm all about rap) and even the New York Philharmonic (about which I am pumped). The only thing that sucks is the weather, but I look at it as toughening and character building. This is definately one kick-ass school, and I am PROUD to be a WOLVERINE!</p>

<p>If you guys are loving Michigan now, wait!!! That place grows on you. I actually didn't love Michigan immediately because I was homesick. But once I got accustomed to my new environment, I started liking Ann Arbor and Michigan quite a bit. But by my junior year, I was hooked. I loved it. Come graduation, I knew that a fantastic and magical time in my life was done with...and I was saddened. Even now, my appreciation for that town and university keeps growing over time. Ann Arbor remains until this day, one of the 3 or 4 places on Earth that I love the most, and I have travelled to over 40 countries and lived in 8 countries in 3 continents! Although I live 7,000 miles away, I still manage to visit Ann Arbor at least once a year. In fact, I will be flying to Ann Arbor in 4 weeks to see the Northwestern game and to spend a week or so walking around my old stomping grounds.</p>

<p>Weather until now is great, social life is good... Everything's good, but on the academic side.. work load is VERY heavy... (Engineering)</p>