All of you taking SAT I Math

<p>I want an 800 on math, and on all my tests i've been getting 700-800, mostly due to stupid errors...</p>

<p>i got 630 first time, lets hope i get at least 750 on math, that'll make it easier to get 650 on verbal (i got 620 previously) making my overall 1400. please, i need this...</p>

<p>onward to my question: should i focus on math solely for this as i DO have one more try for the test.</p>

<p>i'm thinking about focusing my last night review on math only and tomorrow morning math refreshing so that i'll be in top shape for the test.</p>

<p>is this a good strategy as i DO NOT care for the verbal this time around...</p>

<p>that will be for the december test...</p>

<p>but is this a gamble if I do not score above 750 on my math???? what should i do ify ou were in my shoes...</p>

<p>cant really cram a bunch into 1 night... id relax and just do your best on both</p>

<p>do think about getting 1400+, b/c if u do, you might get lower, think low, so you'll work hard and you'll do better than when you think high. lol :) don't know whether that made sense or not, but good luck</p>

<p>don't*, not do</p>