all-rounded or just spread thin? what are my chances?

<p>I have just finished my junior year in one of Georgia's top ranking high schools and I have found that I have dabbled in many areas of the high school experience. At this point, I do not know how to value my activities and achievements through the eyes of a college admissions officer so any input is extremely valuable. </p>

<p>here are my stats
~ GPA: 4.1+ (weighted) 3.5 (unweighted)
~ class rank: 15-16%
~ AP: I will have taken 15-16 AP courses total by the end of my senior year and I
have earned A's and B's in the courses and 3-4-5's on the exams
(is there any benefit of taking these rigorous courses and making a's and b's
instead of taking honors and on level courses and making all a's?)
~Involvement: ( how important is this? I have tried to be very involved but it comes<br>
to a point where i question the importance of the effort that I put
into these activities? will they help?)
SGA ( senior class representative)
National Honors Society
Beta Club
Spanish Honors Society
Future Physician's Club ( member for all four years of HS)
Indian Culture exchange ( founder and president junior and senior year)
Poetry Club ( member for all four years and president senior year)
Writer's Night Participant ( 3 years - writer's night is a showcase of creative
writing by students at Walton High School)
[ I also won my school's pageant but i'm not sure if that is an "achievement"<br>
I can list here ]</p>

<pre><code> ~Volunteer:
I do a lot of volunteer work around my school through many clubs and i have

gone to India for the past six summers and have worked at an NGO school in a

rural area as well as at Raj Blind School.

         this summer I am volunteering at the library as well as at the International  
         Medical Volunteerism Conference  and possibly at the International Rescue    

~ Awards:
Agnes Scott Book Award
Outstanding Delegate University of Georgia model UN conference
Outstanding Delegate Kennesaw State University model UN conference
Writer's Night participant 2009 and 2010 ( and most likely 2011 as well)

<p>my goal is to become either a surgeon or an international health official and I have concentrated a lot of my extracurricular effort into this goal. </p>

<p>my top two choices for schools are Emory University or University of Chicago (which i realize is a tough reach for me). As a resident of Georgia, Georgia Tech, although it is not perfect for a premed student, offers many advantages like the HOPE scholarship and many other financial aids. I am also looking into 6-7 year medical programs at the handful of universities that offer them. </p>

<p>which of these schools should I label as Reach and Safety and Good-fit schools? </p>

<p>Emory University
University of Chicago
Georgia Tech
University of Georgia
Boston University
Dartmouth College
New York University
Washington University at St. Louis
University of Miami
University of Missouri Kansas City
Johns Hopkins University </p>

<p>Thank you in advance for your help!!</p>

<p>also my SAT scores are :
Math: 760
Writing: 730
Reading: 690 </p>

<p>I'm aiming for a 2200-2300 when I take the Sat once more</p>

<p>With your GPA, Emory, UChic, Dartmouth, NYU, WashU, UPenn, Duke, Georgetown, and JHU are going to be reaches, unless your school has some established relationship with these schools.</p>

<p><a href="is%20there%20any%20benefit%20of%20taking%20these%20rigorous%20courses%20and%20making%20a's%20and%20b's%20%0Ainstead%20of%20taking%20honors%20and%20on%20level%20courses%20and%20making%20all%20a's?">quote</a>


<p>Not really. Most selective schools have the luxury of picking students who got A's in rigorous courses.</p>

<p>thank yo so much for your input! that really helps in deciding which colleges I should focus my efforts towards!</p>

<p>you're spread thin...</p>

<p>A key factor to look at for each of your schools is what percent they take that are not in the top 10% of their class. If they take under 20%, those scools will be very big reaches.</p>

<p>Thank You Redroses! I guess that helps in narrowing things down.</p>