All the info about Oregon State!

I’m a dual enrollment student currently attending high school at a community college. I get my high school diploma soon and will have 54 quarter college credits from Portland Community College. Now for Oregon State this makes me a transfer student. Oregon State is definitely one of my best in state public options for Engineering. Now for the questions:

As a transfer student will I be housed separately for freshman?

Is there efforts for integrating transfers into the schools social life? As a introvert, I’m concerned that for some students they feel very isolated when transferring to different universities.

What will it be like being a transfer with no official engineering classes (lots of calculus, physics, and chemistry but nothing with the word engineering in it)

Is Oregon States engineering programs good? Is it respectable with opportunities for students? Do students who come out strong competent engineers? Are they sought by employers?

Whats the weed out percentage for engineers at oregon state? (Approximately)

Thank you for your time!