Allow me to introduce myself..

<p>Hello everyone. I am new to this site, infact I joined just 10 minutes ago. I am 18 years old and I am a British student living in London. I have always been a fan of the USA right from the American accent to its prestigious universities (or shall I say colleges?). I hope to explore the site very soon and meet some interesting individuals on the way. I do not know what to expect from everyone, but I am sure you are all nice people:). I will stop here for now, but please, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask or even send me a private message. I will be more than happy to reply back to you.</p>


<p>I read your entire message in a British accent. You sound really cool. lol.</p>


<p>I thought most British people found the American accent boring. Which accent is your favorite? I must admit that I love my southern boys accents!</p>

<p>USA! USA! USA!</p>

<p>Are you considering attending or applying to any of our "unis"? ;)</p>


<p>But...why would we have any questions about you? Usually, newcomers are the ones with the questions. Happy surfing..</p>

<p>And if you finally get tired of this site, just come back to the cafe..</p>